Have you heard of Bulb? And before you ask, we’re not talking about our bulbs. We mean the 100% renewable electricity provider that is taking on the Big Six energy suppliers. Read More

Plumen 003 anodised aluminium elements

Following in the wake of the 001 and 002, the Plumen 003 has big boots to fill and our growing ambition to fulfil! We trod a very fine line in creating this product. We wanted to keep beauty, efficiency and the lighting experience in equilibrium which is actually an incredibly difficult balancing act. So, time to reveal some of the secrets that led to the creation of this brand new concept of LED bulb (Preorder here).Read More

Kitchen lighting ideas: Illuminate your kitchen with stunning designer lighting ideas from Plumen. Be inspired by examples here or browse our online shop.

Remodelling your kitchen, wanting to add a modern touch or craving a fresh new look? We’ve explored some kitchen lighting ideas to get you started.

For many, the kitchen is not just a place to cook but also a living space often used as the family hub. So, if you’re going to spend a lot of time in front of the cooker, you better get the lighting right! Read More

Michael-George Hemus, Plumen Co-founder and MD (left) / Nicolas Roope, Plumen Co-Founder and CD (right)

Michael-George Hemus, Plumen Co-founder and MD (left) / Nicolas Roope, Plumen Co-Founder and CD (right)

We’re halfway through our crowdfunding campaign and we’ve already raised over 70% of our £500,000 target! You can get involved by visiting our campaign page here.

As Plumen marches towards its bright future, we caught up with our Co-founder and Creative Director, Nik Roope who told us how Plumen made its way in a multi-billion-dollar industry or, as Nik put it: “there was a huge gap staring us in the face, in the shape of a beautiful, efficient light bulb!”.Read More