12 November 2015

“The 21st Century will be lit by LED lamps”

Plumen 002 LED filament light bulb

Incandescent light bulbs lit the 20th century; the 21st century will be lit by LED lamps” said the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and we couldn’t agree more. Read more…

21 October 2015

Wanted: Sales Assistant!

Plumen is hiring a new Sales Assistant.

We’re looking for a key Sales Support / Sales Coordinator to join our sociable team. This role will provide significant support to our Sales team, reporting directly to the Sales Manager, and will directly assist in maintaining and growing sales of all Plumen products through customer relationships. Read more…

8 October 2015

We’re launching our first ever dimmable LED bulb!

Plumen's First ever dimmable LED

We’re celebrating a new milestone here at Plumen as we’re launching our first ever dimmable LED bulb today! Read more…

2 October 2015

watt, what? how to choose an energy efficient light bulb

How to choose an energy efficient Plumen light bulb

Here at Plumen, we know how lighting jargon can sometimes be a tough nut to crack and often makes choosing a light bulb an overwhelming process. Read more…

25 September 2015

A chat with Nassia Inglessis, creator of SPINE


Perhaps you have come across two impressive spine structures diving into the Stamp stairwell at Somerset House and seen the light pulsing along the long tail of bulbs, following your steps? Read more…

17 September 2015

SPINE: a spectacular interactive installation featuring the first Plumen LED

Plumen 002 LED bulb featured in a spectacular lighting installation at Somerset House

We love LDF. It is the perfect time to get creative with our products and let them tell their story in the most beautiful, spectacular and unexpected way. Read more…

Plumen and VG&P are putting on a very British affair at LDF

Plumen Chandelier at London Design Festival 2015 including 72 Plumen 002 LED light bulbs and 72 Drop Hat shades.

LDF is just around the corner and as well as bringing together the world’s greatest design talents, it is also our birthday! Read more…

14 September 2015

The Plumen Modular Collection puts a shiny new (Drop) Hat on!

Plumen Drop Hat Lamp Shade chandelier alongside 002 LED light bulb

Beautiful glowing reflections on the underside of the black Drop Hat

An exciting day at Plumen HQ! We are thrilled to introduce the Plumen Drop Hat, a brand new shade to pair up with the existing range of Plumen bulbs and Drop Cap Pendants. It is available to buy here – GBP, USD or Euro. Read more…

10 September 2015

Llot Llov Creates a Plumen 002 Swarm

llot llov and Plumen

Berlin-based Design Collective, llot llov created this fantastic and clever installation called ‘Plumen Swarm’ with just a handful of 002 bulbs and HOLD fixtures. Read more…

2 September 2015

Lavu Lamp on Kickstarter is inspired by the traditional Scandinavian tents

Lavu Lamp on Kickstarter by designer Tom Davies


This week’s blog focuses on the creation and the launch of Lavu Lamp on Kickstarter yesterday. Created by Tom Davies, a young designer from London now living in Toulouse, France, the table lamp design is inspired by the traditional Lavvu tents of Scandinavia. Read more…