2 September 2015

Lavu Lamp on Kickstarter is inspired by the traditional Scandinavian tents

Lavu Lamp on Kickstarter by designer Tom Davies


This week’s blog focuses on the creation and the launch of Lavu Lamp on Kickstarter yesterday. Created by Tom Davies, a young designer from London now living in Toulouse, France, the table lamp design is inspired by the traditional Lavvu tents of Scandinavia. Read more…

14 August 2015

Plumen looks back at the Cream Café chandelier

Plumen at the Cream Café Shoreditch

It’s almost that time of year again, London Design Festival is soon approaching and Plumen Headquarters is busy getting another dazzling display ready. Read more…

7 August 2015

Table Lamp Inspiration – 9 of the best

Plumen Designer Lighting Pinterest profile

The Plumen Pinterest Boards are where we save the most eye catching designs that we come across online. We’re always on the look out for unique accessories to pair with our bulbs and, with this in mind, we’ve put together a list of nine of our favourite table lamps. We think some of  these would be a good match for our designer low energy bulbs. Read more…

31 July 2015

Wanted: Product Developer



We are looking for a Product Developer to join our team and carry out three main roles: to develop our accessories range, to oversee our product maintenance and to develop & maintain our packaging. Read more…

22 July 2015

Alejandrina Bessoberto adds a golden touch

Plumen 002 energy efficient light bulb styled by Alejandrina Bessoberto


In the final instalment of our series highlighting the innovative ways that creative types have used our 002, we speak to Alejandrina Bessoberto from Mexico. Read more…

14 July 2015

Barbara Hepworth Summer exhibition at the Tate Britain

Barbara Hepworth in the Palais studio at work on the wood carving Hollow Form with White Interior 1963

Barbara Hepworth in the Palais studio at work on the wood carving Hollow Form with White Interior, 1963, Photograph: Val Wilmer

This summer sees the first exhibition of Dame Barbara Hepworth’s work in London since 1968.  Her work was such a big influence on the design of the Plumen 002 bulb that we couldn’t miss the Tate Britain’s retrospective of her work. Read more…

3 July 2015

Meghan Plowman gets acquainted with the 002.

Plumen 002 light bulb styled by Meghan Plowman


In the penultimate edition of our creative series, we chat with Perth based stylist, photographer and art director Meghan Plowman. Read more…

24 June 2015

The Design Chaser shows Plumen around the house

The Design Chaser shows Plumen around the house


Our Plumen Influencer Series travels to the other side of the world this week as we feature The Design Chaser blog run by Michelle Halford. Read more…

18 June 2015

Selfridges show Plumen how to ‘Work It!’

Many Hands Make Light Work - Selfridges

Many Hands Make Light Work – Selfridges

Selfridges have always been known for their pioneering work in the retail industry and their new project ‘Work It!’ continues that trend, although this time they’ve gone down a different route. Read more…

11 June 2015

Brushed Brass gets an invite to the party!

Brand new Plumen Drop Cap Pendant Set available now at plumen.com


Today sees the launch of a new Plumen Drop Cap! The Brushed Brass Drop Cap has been in the pipeline for a while and we are very pleased to say that it goes on sale today. It’s available worldwide and you can grab it now at our UK, EU and US stores. Read more…