3 July 2015

Meghan Plowman gets acquainted with the 002.

Plumen 002 light bulb styled by Meghan Plowman


In the penultimate edition of our creative series, we chat with Perth based stylist, photographer and art director Meghan Plowman. Read more…

24 June 2015

The Design Chaser shows Plumen around the house

The Design Chaser shows Plumen around the house


Our Plumen Influencer Series travels to the other side of the world this week as we feature The Design Chaser blog run by Michelle Halford. Read more…

18 June 2015

Selfridges show Plumen how to ‘Work It!’

Many Hands Make Light Work - Selfridges

Many Hands Make Light Work – Selfridges

Selfridges have always been known for their pioneering work in the retail industry and their new project ‘Work It!’ continues that trend, although this time they’ve gone down a different route. Read more…

11 June 2015

Brushed Brass gets an invite to the party!

Brand new Plumen Drop Cap Pendant Set available now at plumen.com


Today sees the launch of a new Plumen Drop Cap! The Brushed Brass Drop Cap has been in the pipeline for a while and we are very pleased to say that it goes on sale today. It’s available worldwide and you can grab it now at our UK, EU and US stores. Read more…

10 June 2015

Monsterscircus puts on a show with the Plumen 002

DIY Stool Lamp by Monsterscircus for the Plumen 002

Last week on the blog, we began our series of interviews with creative minds, from across the world, who came up with inventive ways to use the Plumen 002 (read last week’s chat with Frichic here). Read more…

4 June 2015

Frichic House Tour with the Plumen 002

Frichic House Tour with the Plumen 002

After the launch of our Plumen 002, we invited a group of creatives from all over the world to come up with some inventive ways to use our new bulb.

So, over the next few weeks we are going to showcase some of their innovative ideas through a series of interviews. Read more…

14 May 2015

MoMA Design Store celebrates the London Tech Scene

London Tech City by MoMA Design Store

The London tech scene is thriving –  a hub for original ideas, boundless creativity and bold entrepreneurship. It is the driving force behind some of the most innovative products of the moment. Needless to say this trend didn’t go unnoticed by the MoMA Design Store. Read more…

11 May 2015

Spring Clearance!

red drop square


The Red and Pastel Blue Drop Caps are taking a bow. We’ve had a good run together but it’s now time to say goodbye to make way for some exciting new products – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

The Spring Clearance is kicking off today with a 40% discount on the red and blue Drop Cap Pendants. They are the perfect accessories to complement Plumen bulbs, and with a 40% discount on top, the combo Plumen 001 + Drop cap is only £34.92 / €45.92 / $53.92. Don’t wait up to grab them as it’s the last of our stock. Click here to shop.

Farewell Red and Blue Drop Caps and bring on the next awesome Plumen products!

8 May 2015

Coffee Roasters go ‘Publik’ in Salt Lake City

Publik Coffee House in Salt Lake City Plumen Lighting


The team behind Publik have completely transformed a derelict printing press building in Utah into an environmentally friendly coffee house and roastery with stunning results.


Read more…

30 April 2015

Dwell Developments make an eco-splash in Seattle

Dwell Development Cork Haus Kitchen

At Plumen, we believe in creating eco-friendly products that don’t compromise on style, so we feel a real affinity with what the people at Dwell Developments are doing! Read more…