16 April 2014

Narcisa Concept Store in Mexico

Plumen lighting in series above the central counter in Narcisa Concept Store

Narcisa Concept Store in Mexico

We spotted a beautiful display of Plumen in Narcisa Concept Store in San Pedro, Mexico and took the opportunity to talk to the owner, Sara Cárdenas, to find out more about her vision for the shop. It’s only been open for less than six months and already is a hotspot on the new Mexican design scene.
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3 April 2014

Kitchen refurbishment in a converted factory

Kitchen fully refurbiched and new Plumen lighting display

Kitchen fully refurbiched and new Plumen lighting display

There are some interior design gems that would stay hidden forever if their creators weren’t so willing to share with the rest of us. Husband and wife duo, Fiona and Bobby Burrage, co-runner of The Click Design Consultants, are part of this category.
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28 March 2014

The FARA WORKSHOP, hub for creation

Fashion designer sewing in Fara Workshop charity store

Fashion designer at work in FARA WORKSHOP

The latest Plumen crush is for this North London charity, THE FARA WORKSHOP. This new branch of FARA charity shops is a real hub for creation.
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21 March 2014

An Eight-Legged Chandelier in Marseille

Plumen 001 Chandelier in Decavision Optique optician store created by B2 Koncept

Plumen 001 Chandelier created by B2 Koncept in Decavision Optique store in Marseille

We’ve discovered another stunning use of Plumen, situated at the centre of this newly refurbished opticians in Marseille, South of France. The beautiful lighting display has been imagined by B2 Koncept, an architecture and design agency created by Joana Boukhabza & Eric Bournot.
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14 March 2014

Majestic Plumen Chandelier imagined by Duke Studios

Plumen Chandelier by Duke Studios in a meeting room

Plumen 001 Chandelier by Laura Wellington

We always enjoy sharing beautiful designs and promoting the new endeavours of talented, creative people. This week we’ve decided to show you the work of Laura Wellington, a Leeds-based designer and co-founder of Duke Studios.
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25 February 2014

Plywood’s Craftsman Steve Lawler Goes Green

Plumen 001 in plywood wall sconce by rePly Furniture

Plumen 001 in plywood wall sconce by rePly Furniture

We recently came across this beautiful sconce from rePly Furniture on Instagram. We got in touch with the founder, Steve Lawler, a passionate craftsman from Tacoma, Washington who told us more about this eco-friendly brand that he started back in 2008.
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13 February 2014

3D printing technology inspires Swiss lighting designer

Plumen 001 designer light bulb in lamp shade by Thomas Faessler (3D printing)


Plumen bulbs look good naked, but their beauty can also be complemented by an increasing number of exceptional shades. For us, Swiss designer Thomas Faessler is taking shade design to another level. He uses 3D printing technology to create innovative shades especially for the Plumen 001′s flamboyant forms.
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6 February 2014

New chrome lighting pendant

Plumen 002 designer light bulb in chrome Drop Cap lighting pendant

We have a new addition to our Drop Cap lighting pendant range. A Chrome Drop Cap has just launched on Kickstarter as a stretch goal to our successful Plumen 002 campaign.
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15 January 2014

The new Plumen light bulb sets the mood

Lit Plumen 002 designer light bulbs set up the mood in a dining room

The newly launched Plumen 002 fits naturally into the Plumen lighting family. Its original form and  low brightness make it perfect to create an intimate and cosy atmosphere.

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13 January 2014

Introducing the new Plumen 002

Plumen 002 designer light bulb in copper drop cap lighting pendant

After revealing the new Plumen 002 to you last week, we now want to share a bit more about it.

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