26 February 2015

Woodrow & Co’s striking new partner for the Plumen 001


Woodrow & Co’s Lamp No.1 with the Plumen 001


Woodrow & Co is an American design company based in Salt Lake City who has specifically developed their Lamp No.1 as a companion to our Plumen 001 bulb. The simple design of the Lamp No.1 perfectly compliments the sculptural elegance of our Plumen 001.

Woodrow & Co is a project of the design and engineering firm Swarm, led by Product Designer, Jon Hart. Their aim was to create a unique platform to display the Plumen 001. They came up with the striking, organic base, which can be used as a table lamp or wall sconce and we love how they have incorporated the bulb with their new lamp design.

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20 February 2015

Pita Pit UK chose Plumen and created a stunning communal space

Pita Pit Launches in the UK with Plumen 1

The new Pita Pit UK restaurant in Holborn chose to use Plumen to kit out their new store and this is how it turned out. Read more…

11 February 2015

The Hub, an inspirational networking space by Nina & Co

The Hub Networking Space designed by Nina & Co with Plumen Lighting at The Independent Hotel Show 2014.

The Hub Networking Space at The Independent Hotel Show 2014.

Last autumn, Plumen sponsored an ambitious interior design project led by design studio Nina & Co in collaboration with Anya Fennet. The partners won the competition to create and build The Hub, a central point of networking, at the Independent Hotel Show that ran from October 21st to 22nd in London.

Nina and Anya chose the Plumen 002 to embody their vision of the networking space as an inspirational and cosy environment in the hope that it could even trigger one of those ‘light bulb moments’! Read more…

4 February 2015

70 Shades for Danmarks Indsamling

Plumen sponsors Denmark’s biggest TV charity fundraiser, Danmarks Indsamling offering 70 of the new Drop Top Lamp Shades

Last weekend was Denmark’s biggest TV charity fundraiser, Danmarks Indsamling, broadcast on DR1. The television show comes at the end of a month of events and fundraising throughout January and is the result of a cooperation between the twelve biggest humanitarian organisations and the DR, the Danish national broadcast association. Read more…

19 January 2015

PLUMEN X MADE.COM: A Shining New Design Collaboration!



We are thrilled to announce our first collaboration with one of London’s youngest, most dynamic and innovative furniture brands, MADE.COM. For the past year, we’ve been working closely with their team to develop not one, but two gorgeous lamp shades to pair with our first energy saving designer light bulb, the Plumen 001. Read more…

16 January 2015

Plumen 002 now available worldwide!

Plumen 002 designer light bulb available wordlwide at plumen.com

Here is some great news to finish the week:  the Plumen 002 is now available worldwide! Read more…

7 January 2015

Express Bookstore Redesign by Polish Studio Kasia Orwat

[15:53:55] Laurence Etilé: Kasia Orwat Home Design, took on the challenge of redesigning the interior of a bookstore in just three weeks. They commissioned the designer Marcin Pogorzelski to create these geometric lamp holders to complement the Plumen 001 light bulb.

Polish studio, KASIA ORWAT home design, took on the challenge of redesigning the interior of Bookovski, a bookstore located in Poznań, in just three weeks. Read more…

30 December 2014

Former Australian prison now serves coffee!

Jury Café interior design project by Biasol:DesignStudio

Jury Café in Coburg, Melbourne is a pretty unique place. The space was part of Pentridge prison until the whole estate was decommissioned in 1997. Now, it’s been transformed by Biasol:Design Studio, the Australian interior design agency, who undertook this fantastic conversion. Read more…

23 December 2014

Spend a holiday in style in Design Apartments Weimar

Design Apartment Weimar

From guest to host, Mark Pohl founded Design Apartments Weimar in 2012, as an alternative to charmless holiday rentals – sterile spaces that put practicality way above aesthetics and originality concerns. Read more…

18 December 2014

A chat with Bertrand Clerc, co-designer of the 002


During the Plumen 002 design process, we worked closely with French designer Bertrand Clerc in developing the form of the bulb.

We had a chat with him, looking back on the design process. So if you are curious about how the 002 came to be, scroll down! Read more…