24 July 2014

Plumen 002 now on pre-order

Plumen 002 designer light bulb available for pre-order

New Plumen 002 energy saving light bulb available for pre-order

The Plumen 002 adventure continues!  After the excitement of its launch on Kickstarter in January, we’ve worked really hard to meet our backers’ expectations and deliver the best product possible. Read more…

22 July 2014

Urban Lifestyle Collection by Tretow

TRETOW's display at the Guerrilla Truck Show

TRETOW’s display at the Guerrilla Truck Show

We know what it’s like to be a small fish in a big pond. Compare us to some of the light bulb giants, and we’re very much a David, in David and Goliath terms. However, it’s exactly because we’re a David that we’re always intrigued when someone approaches us, wanting to do things a little differently. Read more…

17 July 2014



Every day, beautiful photos taken by Plumen fans grace our instagram feed. We are constantly amazed by your creativity.

Read more…

10 July 2014

Introducing the Plumen Drop Top Lamp Shade

Drop Top Shade (A)

Plumen Drop Top Lamp Shade (A)

This year is flying by and at Plumen, it is non-stop. So far, we’ve successfully launched our second light bulb design through Kickstarter, added the Chrome Drop Cap to our pendant collection and we’re now introducing our first lamp shade – the Plumen Drop Top Lamp Shade (A). Read more…

3 July 2014

Spectacular Church Turned Office

19th century church refurbished by BBVH agency into an office space

Dutch architects, BBVH, are not afraid to take on a challenge. They refurbished a 19th century church to create a new HQ for Acato, a web design agency. Read more…

2 July 2014

Sustainable lamp made out of oil glass container

Plumen 001 in Dama Lamp by Lucirmás

Dama Lamp by Lucirmás

5L Italian glass vessels are commonly used for wine or oil storage. Barcelona based, Lucia Bruni, an Italian designer and founder of Lucirmás, teamed up with Australian designer Tom Allen to create these sustainable lamp designs. Lucia tells us more about this outstanding upcycling project. Read more…

24 June 2014

Flat Pack Designer Lampshade #5

Airvase with Plumen 001 and Baby Plumen designer light bulb

Airvase by Torafu Architects with Baby Plumen

Airvase is the most surprising design in our flat pack designer lampshade series. As its name suggests, Airvase is not by design a lampshade, but a container. Read more…

18 June 2014

Flat Pack Designer Lampshade #4

Sphery designer lampshade By Kirsty lifestyle photo

Sphery 50 with Plumen 001

Kirsty Patrick is the fourth designer to be featured in our Flat Pack Designer Lampshade series. Read more…

16 June 2014

Plumen Midsummer Sale starts today!

Plumen designer lighting midsummer sale

We’ve got some exciting news this week!

For the first time, we will be running a worldwide MIDSUMMER SALE on the webshop starting today! Read more…

11 June 2014

Flat Pack Designer Lampshade #3

 ZooM Lamp by Michiel Cornelissen- 3D printed designer lampshade

3d printed Zoom Lamp by Michiel Cornelissen

We’ve seen some super innovative 3D-printed designer lampshades recently. A few months ago, we were showing the work of Thomas Faessler,which offers fantastic monumental and geometrical structures. Read more…