14 May 2015

MoMA Design Store celebrates the London Tech Scene

London Tech City by MoMA Design Store

The London tech scene is thriving –  a hub for original ideas, boundless creativity and bold entrepreneurship. It is the driving force behind some of the most innovative products of the moment. Needless to say this trend didn’t go unnoticed by the MoMA Design Store. Read more…

11 May 2015

Spring Clearance!

red drop square


The Red and Pastel Blue Drop Caps are taking a bow. We’ve had a good run together but it’s now time to say goodbye to make way for some exciting new products – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

The Spring Clearance is kicking off today with a 40% discount on the red and blue Drop Cap Pendants. They are the perfect accessories to complement Plumen bulbs, and with a 40% discount on top, the combo Plumen 001 + Drop cap is only £34.92 / €45.92 / $53.92. Don’t wait up to grab them as it’s the last of our stock. Click here to shop.

Farewell Red and Blue Drop Caps and bring on the next awesome Plumen products!

8 May 2015

Coffee Roasters go ‘Publik’ in Salt Lake City

Publik Coffee House in Salt Lake City Plumen Lighting


The team behind Publik have completely transformed a derelict printing press building in Utah into an environmentally friendly coffee house and roastery with stunning results.


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30 April 2015

Dwell Developments make an eco-splash in Seattle

Dwell Development Cork Haus Kitchen

At Plumen, we believe in creating eco-friendly products that don’t compromise on style, so we feel a real affinity with what the people at Dwell Developments are doing! Read more…

24 April 2015

3D Printing plots a new path for Plumen

3D Printing plots a new path for Plumen

As we highlighted last week, with the release of the Kayan shade, 3D Printing is an incredibly beneficial process for any design company – we love its versatility and the speed at which an idea can become reality!

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16 April 2015

PET Lamp Upcycling Project Goes Global

PET Lamps with Plumen at Spazio Rossana Orlandi

The PET Lamp Project is an amazing ‘upcycling’ programme which has gained significant traction in the last few years and we feel very lucky to have been a small part of it. Read more…

14 April 2015

Plumen and Niche Modern land in Milan

Plumen and Niche Modern Euroluce Stand

Plumen has arrived in Milan where we are showing our entire collection as well as some brand new products – but more on that soon ;). Read more…

13 April 2015

Plumen & Formaliz3d introduce the 3D printed Kayan

Formaliz3d and 3D Printing plot a new path for Plumen

Last Thursday, Plumen and Formaliz3d unveiled the Kayan – a brand new customised product created through an exciting first collaboration between our two brands. Read more…

2 April 2015

14 shade ideas for the 002

Sputnik Table Lamp

Sputnik Table Lamp  found at grahamandgreen.co.uk

We’ve put together a list of shades that we love from our Pinterest board. We think most of these fittings would be brilliant with the Plumen 002 (although untested so don’t take our word for it!).

We pin new shades every day so make sure to follow us on Pinterest. Read more…

27 March 2015

Brand New Packaging Has Arrived

Brand New Packaging Has Arrived

Brand New Packaging Has Arrived

At the turn of the year we rolled out a brand spanking new packaging design for our entire range of products. This is the first time we’ve updated our branding since the launch of the first Plumen 001 in 2010 so it was an exciting transition for us. Time to introduce our new packaging!

As a brand, we are constantly seeking to develop and progress so rethinking the packaging was part of a natural evolution. For this new version, we worked with our graphic designer, Violetta Boxill, to create a more seductive design and to make the bulb more visible in the box when on the shelf. Read more…