Broken Bulb

While low energy light bulbs do contain small traces of mercury, a broken bulb is very unlikely to pose a health hazard. For it to be dangerous you would need to break many bulbs at the same time in a small, unventilated room – which is unlikely to happen.

Should your Plumen break, follow these simple instructions.

  • Open the windows and air the room.
  • When you return, sweep the broken bulb up using a broom (do not use a vacuum cleaner). Use a wet cloth to wipe up the rest.
  • Place all the parts of the broken Plumen in a plastic bag and close the bag tightly.
  • Then place the bulb in a rigid container (like a cardboard box).

Recycle the Plumen – do not throw it in the bin. To find out how to best recycle the broken Plumen please click here.