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Light bulbs are getting a lot smarter

Very soon, the light bulbs in your home will start doing some clever things. They’ll turn on when you walk in the door and off when you leave. Better still, they’ll adjust to your day – energising you to get up and go in the morning then calming you before bed in the evening. (A good nights sleep keeps you healthy)

Plumen is going to deliver all of this in a range of beautiful bulbs that are fit for your home.

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Light impacts our mood and behaviour, lack of it can make us feel sad, whereas lots of light can reinvigorate and energise you.

We know this from the changing of the seasons – in Spring we all get a bit more lively and by the time summer comes round everyone is full of beans. The effect of light can be subtler, spend too much time on your laptop or smart phone before bed and you find it hard to nod off (which is why we love F.lux and Nightshift on the iPhone).

Plumen Smart Bulbs will adjust the colour temperature for optimal happiness all day long.

Working with you

Plumen Smart Bulbs will constantly adjust to enhance your mood and energy levels, working in synch with your day and therefore your body.

They tune into your body clock by giving you energizing white light in the morning to kick start your day, then warmer light in the evening to help you wind down, ready for bed.

Working in partnership

Plumen Smart Bulbs are going to be Stack-Enabled, meaning that all the tech inside will be driven by Stack Lighting. We’ve teamed up with Stack because they’re the best in the space. They know that for Smart Lighting to truly work it needs to be intuitive, work straight out of the box, be compatible (Nest, HomeKit, Smart Things, Echo) and adjust to you and your day without you doing a thing. Will be compatible with: