Ambient Lighting Inspirations

Where to use Ambient Lighting

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Ambient lighting means the general everyday light in our homes, starting with the daylight that comes through the windows or via our basic, everyday lighting. It needs to be up to the job, capable of lighting all of our tasks – but it should be beautiful as well as useful too. We also use the term ambient lighting to mean the soft, mood lighting we use to create an inviting look for our interiors. Almost all of the rooms in our homes benefit from the option to create a warm atmosphere – whether for an intimate dinner party in the dining room or eat-in kitchen, for a long indulgent soak in the bath, or just some relaxing down-time in the bedroom or living room. So ambient lighting must and can work with any interior style. But to rooms that echo this mood, opt for warm soft colours and materials; like soft textiles, natural woods and woven wicker – all of which can be reflected in the choice of ambient light shades. Among our Curated shades, those by Wool & the Gang and Gray Pants would work particularly well, while our white and copper finishes and amber glass shades all contribute to a soft, warm atmosphere.


Ambient Lighting by Plumen

The most important tool that we possess to create that balance between bright task lighting and a soft light for relaxed downtime is, of course, the dimmable light bulb.  The Original Plumen 002 Dimmable LED Bulb is the most beautiful ambient bulb on the market and should be the cornerstone of any ambient lighting scheme.

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Ambient lighting in the bedroom

Ambient lighting is particularly important in the bedroom, where we come to relax and sleep. Bedroom lighting should be bright enough to dress and get ready by, but also soft enough for our rest. Consider dimmable bedside lamps as well as ceiling lights to complete the effect.

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