Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedrooms have become much more than just a place to sleep and dress. They are our sanctuaries, our retreat from the cares of the outside world, a place to relax, indulge and enjoy some serious me time. Most importantly, we need them to be restful, tranquil and conducive to a good night’s sleep – one of the essentials of a happy, healthy life, and for or this we need mood-sensitive, soft and soothing bedroom lighting ideas. But it is important to bear in mind that the bedroom also serves as our dressing room and is where we tend to have our dressing table or grooming station – so bright task lighting must be factored in too – particularly around wardrobes and mirrors. Getting ready for work in a gloomy half-light does not produce the best results.

Bedroom lighting installations should reflect your personal needs. When considering bedroom lighting ideas it is useful to think about all the ways in which you use the room. Do you like to read in bed? Do you ever work here? Do you use the bedroom for relaxation, meditation or exercise? The Original Plumen 001 bulb is perfect for making a strong statement in a bedside light – perfect for reading or to illuminate the dressing table mirror. Or opt for an Original Plumen 002 Dimmable LED bulb if you want something more versatile to create a soothing mood for sleep or relaxation.


Lighting flex can now be bought by the metre in a whole rainbow of colours. Make a feature of it, by stringing it from a ceiling hook to the desired height for an innovative bedroom lighting idea.


A simple Original Plumen 001 bulb is the perfect centrepiece for a bedroom providing bright task lighting when required and a strong visual statement.


Contemporary Bedroom by London Photographers Joel Antunes photography


Plain pendant lights hanging from the ceiling provide an ideal reading light and reduce clutter on the bedside table – the perfect space-saving bedroom lighting installation.