kitchen lighting ideas Plumen 001 drop cap pendant set above kitchen island

Looking for beautiful kitchen lighting ideas? It might be the place for creating culinary masterpieces, but the kitchen often doubles up as a space for eating, entertaining, working and playing, so it’s important to have beautiful lighting that balances functionality with ambience. Here, more than anywhere else in the house, versatile lighting is essential.

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Pantone colour of the year pendant on ultra violet background

Pantone colour of the year

Ultra Violet rays might be invisible to most humans but Pantone have, once again, challenged the way that colour is seen. Here’s their 2018 Colour of the Year in all its UV splendour…
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Quercus lamp with plumen bulb

Say hello to Quercus, the innovative, new recycled and recyclable lamp – a shining example of how waste can always be more than just waste.

We met up with Max Ashford, the designer behind Quercus and its parent company, greeb, to understand more about his new design…
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2017 had its moments but there are some things we’re glad are sticking around in 2018.  To kick start this year’s interior design inspiration, here’s our pick of interior trends that are rolling into 2018.
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3 003 pendant light bulb set highlight of the year

It’s been a busy year at Plumen. Our bulbs have continued to capture the imagination of people across the world, using the latest technology to create lighting that is not only beautiful, but sustainable. We’ve curated just a few of our highlights of the year as we look forward to 2018.
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