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Hive: A recycled 3D printed light shade

Following the success of his beautiful Illusive shade for FIX Coffee, we asked designer, Luke Deering, to create another bespoke shade for Plumen bulbs. The result?  A biomorphic, recycled 3D printed shade called Hive.

Plumen x Designer Luke Deering

Ten years after opening their first shop filled with Plumen bulbs, Fix Coffee is still one of London’s coolest coffee shops. Their latest interior project is the result of a collaboration with British designer, Luke Deering, who’s created a striking shade for the iconic Plumen 002.

Meet The Milky: The Magical LED Light Bulbs

Welcome Willow & Wilma, our classic bulbs with a new, unique Milky finish that makes their filaments float magically in thin air. Switched off, their striking silhouettes create pieces of art in their own right. But switched on, delicate floating filaments appear, creating a mysterious optical illusion and an enchanted glow on surroundings.

Wilbur The Bauhaus Bulb

The Plumen Wilbur bulb is a 21st Century LED upgrade to a classic Bauhaus design by Wilhelm Wagenfeld. Bauhaus was a German design school of the interwar years that had a huge influence on modern architecture, product design and technology as we know it today. Celebrating its centenary year in 2019, the school was ground-breaking

Table Lights: A Simple And Easy Way To Update Your Lighting

Renovating your space can be expensive, time consuming and messy – especially because any lighting that’s installed into the mains normally requires an electrician. Yet lighting is still the simplest way to set the tone for you space…. Say hello to the humble table lamp. No complicated wiring, no electrician. Just un-pack, plug-in and you’re

How To Install A Pendant Light

The Plumen Pendant is the perfect partner for our Plumen light bulbs. It comes with everything you need for installation; a painted metal ceiling rose, lamp holder, drop cap and two metres of matching fabric cable. It’s suitable for use in any ceiling and the cable length can be adjusted to your preference. Installing it yourself

Plumen 001 LED: The Ultimate Shade Accessory

We started Plumen to use the allure of cool and sustainable designer light bulbs to encourage people to switch to  more energy efficient lights. To use technology, shaped by design to nudge the mainstream towards more sustainable products. Light bulbs are special. They are objects in their own right and can be enjoyed naked, as many choose to

Plumen 003 x Chef James Cochran at 1251

As the evenings darken, we return to indoor living and rediscover the pleasure of cosy shared experiences such as dining together, whether at home or in a restaurant. Restaurant lighting is a tricky thing to get right, especially during the darker months, as diners we want a warm flattering effect but need more brightness for

The Design Story Behind Plumen 001 from Nik Roope Co-Founder & Creative Director

It’s more than ten years since I had the idea for the Plumen 001 lightbulb. It came like many epiphanies, like many other random thoughts, but this one was different because after its first appearance it came back again and again.

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