Drop Cap

The Plumen Drop Cap in White, Black and Copper

Here are Plumen’s new Drop Cap colours: White and a very sumptuous Copper (available initially in 220V countries, with 110V to follow shortly).You can see them in the shop.

We’re also very happy to tell you that we have new lower prices on the Drop Cap. The Black, White and Red are RRP £24.95 (previously £34.95) / €29,95 (previously €39,95) and the Copper Drop Cap is RRP £34.95 / €39,95.

Copper Drop Cap

Copper Drop Cap

The Baby Plumen 001, (already for sale in 220V countries) also fits the Drop Cap snugly (as you can see below), giving the buyer some fresh options for clusters and other interesting arrangements that use the effect of mirrored forms at different scales.

Cooper Drop Cap

Original and Baby Plumen 001 bulbs in Copper Drop Caps

We’re really looking forward to seeing the wonderful Copper Drop Cap ideas people come up with. If you’ve created something with any Plumen products that you want to show off then please send them in and if we think they’re great we’ll share them on our Facebook page. The very best customer pictures of the year also feature on the Plumen box.

Plumen Bulbs in Copper Drop Caps

Plumen Copper Drop Caps