Plumen 002 designer light bulb in copper drop cap lighting pendant

After revealing the new Plumen 002 to you last week, we now want to share a bit more about it.

In contrast to the spectacular looks of the Plumen 001, the newly released 002 adopts a more subtle and sculptural shape. Plumen 002 is a more simplistic and poetic design, to suit its warmer, softer light and the more ambient surroundings it was created for. Luminosity is equivalent to a 30W incandescent bulb and the colour is 2500k which is warmer than the Plumen 001 that is 2700k.

The shape of the bulb has been specifically designed so that the light isn’t uniform. When illuminated the light intensity varies across the surface, reaching its greatest intensity at the gap between the two descending “legs”. This lighting effect works with the form creating a really interesting architectural impression, wherever it’s used.
Here are the product specs for those who like to dig a little deeper.

WATTAGE: 7W but produces a light output equivalent to a 30W incandescent light bulb
LIFETIME: 8,000 Hours (equivalent to 8 years of normal usage)
DIMENSIONS: 165mm x 65mm x 65mm
VOLTAGE: Available in 230V, 120V and 100V
FITTINGS: Screw (E26 or E27) and Bayonet (B22)


Plumen 002 designer light bulb rotation


Lit Plumen 002 designer light bulb on a white brick wall background