Lit Plumen 002 designer light bulbs set up the mood in a dining room

The newly launched Plumen 002 fits naturally into the Plumen lighting family. Its original form and  low brightness make it perfect to create an intimate and cosy atmosphere.

Our first light bulb, the Plumen 001, was designed to be a general use light bulb that can work in a variety of environments, but not in all.  Our new design takes another direction – we’ve created a dimmer bulb specifically for ambient, wind-down rooms and spaces. It is a lot smaller than the original Plumen and emits a warm low light which works better in places where softer, warmer tones define a more textured and softer atmosphere.

A versatile new design, the Plumen 002 works anywhere you want to set the mood. Below are some shots of interiors that show the effect of using the 002.

Plumen 002 Kickstarter project is still running. Support us here.


Plumen 002 designer light bulbs in copper Drop Cap lighting pendants shot in a dining room


Plumen in a white Drop Cap lighting pendant shot in a bathroom


Lit Plumen 002 in a white Drop Cap lighting pendant shot in a bathroom


Plumen 002 designer light bulb in Decode Vessel shade shot in an office