Drop Top Shade (A)

Plumen Drop Top Lamp Shade (A)

This year is flying by and at Plumen, it is non-stop. So far, we’ve successfully launched our second light bulb design through Kickstarter, added the Chrome Drop Cap to our pendant collection and we’re now introducing our first lamp shade – the Plumen Drop Top Lamp Shade (A).

The lamp shades will hit the shops in September, but as of today (!) you can pre-order them from our webshop exclusively.

We wanted to create a complete lighting solution that looks great and doesn’t cost the earth. And now we have it – the Plumen Drop Top Lamp Shade (A).

It’s been designed with the Plumen 001 in mind, its gently sloping sides complementing the curved lines of the bulb.

Plumen 001 in Plumen Drop Top Lamp Shade (A)

The Drop Top is a mouth-blown glass shade that directs the light onto the surface below, while still showing the sculptural form of the Plumen bulb through the tinted, transparent material.

A smart, straightforward and playful design, the Drop Top is very easy to install as it simply ‘sits’ on top of the Plumen Drop Cap Pendant.

It comes in three colours – black, white and amber, which suit our black, white and copper Drop Cap Pendants perfectly. However, this is not the only option. Before long, you’ll be able to mix and match the colours of pendant and shade to create your ideal combination.

If you already own a Plumen bulb and pendant, you can buy the shade separately and it will simply ‘sit’ on the Drop Cap. If not, there’s a special package, which includes the three products – shade, pendant and bulb, to create a stunning and efficient installation in your own home.

To be one of the first to own the shade, head to our webshop now!

Drop Top Shade White Lifestyle Photo