Plumen 002 designer light bulb available wordlwide at

Here is some great news to finish the week:  the Plumen 002 is now available worldwide!

The new bulb was available in most countries at the end of last year, but as we come to the last of our production run, we can officially say that wherever you are on the planet, you can now get the sculptural light bulb to cast its soft and warm glow in your home.

We’ve created the product and now it’s up to you to couple it with your own fittings, shades and accessories to make it work! Whether you use our beautiful pendants and lamp shade or your own, we’re looking forward to seeing more and more of your Plumen 002 projects!

This is obviously a great achievement for Plumen and we all feel a little emotional as we move into our fifth year (!). We are now focusing all our efforts in developing the next Plumen 003 that will be the first Plumen LED.

We also wanted to say a special thank you to all our Kickstarter backers who made the whole project possible in the first place by showing their support. This includes the backers Michael Noll-Hussong, Jonathan Anders, Laura Young, Kaja Kippenberg, Loomstate, Jon Miller, Robert James Burns, The Swiss Barefoot Company.

Have a very nice weekend!

Photography: ©Joakim Blockstrom