3D Printing plots a new path for Plumen

As we highlighted last week, with the release of the Kayan shade, 3D Printing is an incredibly beneficial process for any design company – we love its versatility and the speed at which an idea can become reality!

The first 3D Printer prototypes were built in the early 1980s but it took until the 2000s until the process received wider attention and developed into a multibillion dollar, worldwide industry.  Since then, 3D Printing has been the catalyst for a variety of ideas from shoes (as seen here on Dezeen) to cars to prosthetic limbs.

These new ideas reached the lighting industry and opportunities arose to combine 3D Printing with lighting accessories. At the beginning of last year, Thomas Faessler produced his geometrical 3D printed shade design(below) which contrasted so stunningly with the Plumen 001. Similarly the near impossible shapes of the Clothoid.B Lamp, which we found on Shapeways, give us a lot of inspiration for future ideas


Ultimately, our interest in this new technology peaked with our recent collaboration with Formaliz3d. The introduction of the Kayan, which we launched at Milan Design Week, has been a great success and is something that we will be looking to expand on in the future.

The 3D Printing possibilities for lighting and specifically lighting accessories are endless. The beauty of 3D Printing is that you can create a CAD design and, within twenty four hours, that design can become a fully functional product. This is a significant development for brands like Plumen who spend years developing and tinkering with products until they are released onto the market. 3D Printing can make seemingly fanciful ideas a commercial reality very quickly – extremely exciting for Plumen! We will definitely be exploring the endless possibilities associated with 3D Printing in the future!

The Kayan range is available on our website to UK customers here and EU customers here. It will also soon be released to the US market.

Kayan x Plumen Cluster