Plumen Drop Hat Lamp Shade chandelier alongside 002 LED light bulb

Beautiful glowing reflections on the underside of the black Drop Hat

An exciting day at Plumen HQ! We are thrilled to introduce the Plumen Drop Hat, a brand new shade to pair up with the existing range of Plumen bulbs and Drop Cap Pendants. It is available to buy here – GBP, USD or Euro.

After the grand début of the Drop Top Lamp Shade last year, the Drop Hat is an exciting new addition that will delight all bare bulb aficionados who wish to continue enjoying naked bulbs in a more refined and eye-catching lighting piece.

Plumen Drop Hat Lamp Shade

The sleek metal disc comes in different colours

The Drop Hat Lamp Shade is a sleek metal disc that simply slides onto the Drop Cap Pendant, so needless to say that installation is completely effortless. There are five colours to choose from – Black, Brushed Brass, Chrome, Copper and White.

Like all Plumen products, it was designed exclusively to frame and present Plumen bulbs – the flat disc covers the lamp holder, which means that only the sculptural part of the bulb projects out and creates some incredible glowing reflections on the underside of the disc. From certain angles the original and mirrored forms combine into a single glowing sculpture that seems to hover in space.

Plumen Drop Hat Lamp Shade colour combinations - here brass and white.

The Drop Hat in clusters creates a striking architectural gesture

As a member of the Plumen Modular Collection, the Drop Hat Lamp Shade can be used in combination with any Plumen bulb model or any Drop Cap Pendant colour.

Plumen Modular Collection - Mix & Match the models and colours as you like!

The Drop Hat joins the Plumen Modular Collection

The five stunning colours of Drop Hat and Drop Cap can be matched for a uniform and flawless look or mixed to create a more individual statement. Our personal favourites are the black/brass and white/brass combos but any pairing works!

Plumen Drop Hat Lamp Shade with 001 and 002 designer light bulbs

Mix & Match the colours as you like!

When arranged in formation, the sleek metal plates create incredible reflections, adding ambience, warmth and drama to any space. In series or clusters, the Drop Hat becomes a stunning light sculpture and creates a striking architectural display, suggesting ceiling plains and defining clear zones in open spaces – it’s perfect for dining areas and bar tops.

We will be showing the Drop Hat Lamp Shade to the public for the first time during London Design Festival next week with an impressive 6m long chandelier made up of 72 sleek polished brass discs, but more on that later!

Lifestyle images – Photography: Ian Nolan / Styling: Poppy Norton
Product shots – Photography: Andrew Penketh


The Drop Hat Lamp Shade with the Original Plumen 001 designer light bulb.

The Drop Hat can be used in combination with any Plumen bulb model – here with the Original Plumen 001.