Plumen's First ever dimmable LED

We’re celebrating a new milestone here at Plumen as we’re launching our first ever dimmable LED bulb today!

The Original Plumen 002 goes LED
The Original Plumen 002, our second CFL bulb that raised $60,000 on Kickstarter last year, is getting a full-on technology refresh! From today, the sculptural design is available as a dimmable LED bulb and available to purchase on the UK, EU and US stores.

Fully dimmable (yes please!)
Dimmability is a big step forward for Plumen as the 002 LED is our first bulb to offer this feature. We know how critical subtle lighting control is for creating the right ambience so it was important for us to come up with a bulb which could adapt to a variety of situations and spaces.

First ever dimmable LED

Offering a better quality of light
We believe that quality of light is what matters. We’re striving to create low energy light bulbs that can be loved and enjoyed for their unique design as well as the beautiful light they cast.

At 245 lumen, the new dimmable LED bulb is very much an ambient bulb. Its soft and warm tones are well suited to cosy bedrooms, chilled-out living spaces and secluded alcoves.

It is also perfect for commercial use – we’re thinking bars, restaurants or hotels where the mellow light of the bulb would help to define a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

The new dimmable LED

Packed with even better technology
So here we are! We have switched to LED but the 002 is more than just a pretty bulb packed with some cool technology.

As a 4W equivalent to the traditional 25W incandescent bulb, it saves over 80% on your energy bills and lasts 10 times longer.

Adding to the Modular Collection
The 002 LED is part of the Plumen Modular Collection so you can pair it with any colour of Plumen Drop Cap Pendant and any Plumen shade to make the combination that works best for you.

Here it is, combined with the Brushed Brass Drop Cap and Drop Hat Shade in a show-stopping chandelier at the London Design Festival.

lumen Chandelier at London Design Festival 2015 including 72 Plumen 002 LED light bulbs and 72 Drop Hat shades.

Plumen’s Chandelier at London Design Festival 2015 including 72 Plumen 002 LED light bulbs and 72 Drop Hat shades.