Macramé is back! It’s bold, bright and makes a great DIY project to bring some fresh and unique décor into your home.

How to make a macramé cordBeing more at home with energy efficient lighting than arts and crafts, we turned to knitting experts Wool & The Gang for advice. With their help, we’ve created this awesome Macramé cord, which transforms a plain cable into an eye-catching and refined decorative cord.

So if we can try our hands, and succeed, at the art of knotting, you can too! And believe us, this tutorial is actually super simple so you don’t even need to be crafty to make it.

So grab your yarn and your Plumen lights and get knotting!

How to make a macramé cord To recreate this macramé cord, you will need:

How to make a macramé cordStep 1: Prep your yarn
First, you need to measure your yarn. The amount of yarn you will need will depend on the length of your cable. You’ll need about 10m of yarn for each metre of cable – for this tutorial, we’ve measured roughly 20m of yarn to cover our two-metre-long cable.

How to make a macramé cordOnce you’ve cut your yarn to the desired length, you need to find the centre and mark it with some masking tape.

How to make a macramé cordMake two balls of yarn either side of the centre and place the centre point of the yarn underneath the cable and remove the tape.

How to make a macramé cordYou’re all set to start your macramé cord!

Step 2: Knot, knot, knot…
The technique we’ve used is called Square Knot and it’s a very simple repetition of the same knot all the way along the cord.

So first step is to move the left ball of yarn so it overlaps the cable. Then create a loop with the right yarn ball and place it through the loop.

You’ve got yourself your first knot! Tighten it and slide it upwards all the way to the lamp holder.

Then, you only need to repeat the process until you reach the end of the cable. For reference, it took us approximately 1h – 1h15 to cover the whole cable and it’s very easy so you can do it in front of Netflix!

How to make a macramé cordOnce you’ve reached the end of the cable, secure the yarn by tightly tying a couple of regular knots and cut off any excess cable.

Step 3:  Assemble your light
How to make a macramé cord
Place the Plumen Base Cover over the ballast of the Plumen bulb, screw it in to the lamp holder and enjoy your fresh, playful and colourful light!

How to make a macramé cord