Have you met WattNott? It’s our playful, colourful, slightly wacky family of filament LED bulbs created to give the boot to the squirrel cage Edison bulb!


Sure, we all love a good old Edison bulb. Their iconic shapes are loved by design fans all over the world and don’t even get us started on the beautiful light they cast. Yet the facts remain: they waste energy in a BIG way and they’re not too kind on your energy bill either.

So, when LED filament technology came out, we took the classic Edison bulb and gave it a 21st century makeover. Same look, same light, new technology.

How did we go about this? Simple. We listed the ways that incandescent bulbs beat LED technology, and then matched them. Take a look at how we scored traditional Edison bulbs vs our new WattNott range:


At Plumen, design is our area of expertise but the whole point of the WattNott range was to mimic the classic shapes of the Edison bulb and add some teeny tiny design twists. . . Call us crazy.

Edison 1 – 1 WattNott

That’s a tie.



We asked our engineering team to carefully analyse the light quality of incandescent bulbs and reproduce the same brightness and warmth with our LED filaments. Plus, WattNott comes in two varieties: a traditional clear glass that gives off a warm light or a gold tinted glass which provides a super warm light similar to candlelight. Hellooooo warm, comforting glow.

Edison 2 – 2 WattNott

The stalemate continues.


WattNott to boot out the Edison bulb once and for all!

Navigating through the maze of new technology can be a tricky business so we decided to address this issue and make it simple. From the product name to the colour-coded packaging – not forgetting the  straightforward imagery and colour temperature options – every single step of the process has been cleverly thought through to make choosing the right bulb super easy. You’re welcome!

Edison 3 – 3 WattNott

Scores remain tied with three rounds gone!


HyperFocal: 0

Incandescent bulbs last an average of 1,000 hours which is roughly 1 year’s use. WattNott bulbs, on the other hand, last up to 25,000 hours! That gives you approximately 25 years to enjoy your new bulb. How old will you be when your WattNott finally gives up?

Edison 3 – 4 WattNott


Switch to Wattnott_v72

Surprise, surprise, LEDs are more efficient than incandescent bulbs. The question is: by how much? Well, hang on to your hats because a WattNott bulb is so efficient it could save you up to £250 on your energy bill over its lifetime! How’s that for an incentive?

Edison 3 – 5 WattNott

WattNott storms into the lead! That looks like the knockout blow…



Well, that’s a tie. Edison bulbs and the WattNott range are both dimmable.

Edison 4 – 6 WattNott

Final result: Edison 4 – 6 WattNott. The fifth and final round is all square which leaves WattNott as the winner!

Let’s boot out those Edison energy suckers! 👊