The coffee chain Timberyard aces the industrial chic style with its exposed pipes and mix & match cosy furniture but the true show stopper is a monumental Plumen chandelier, sporting all the colours of the iconic London Underground! Not only is the chandelier a great way to make a statement in bars, coffee shops, hotels or restaurants but they also work great in the home as a feature over a dining table, breakfast bar or stairwell.

We love the idea of a themed chandelier – so whether you want to reproduce TY’s grand hommage to the London Underground or you’ve got something else in mind, we’ve got all you need to make it happen.

How to create a London Underground-themed lighting chandelier

Note that we also offer ready made Chandelier Sets including everything you need to bring your statement lighting piece to life. If you fancy something a little more customisable, then follow the guide and let us take you through our of depth of possibilities.

How to create a London Underground-themed lighting chandelier

The bulb is the most important part of your chandelier – aside from aesthetic considerations, you need to make sure you choose the right bulb that fits your actual lighting needs.

Go for the Plumen 001 for spaces where a sufficient lighting output is required to perform a task (office, kitchen, dining etc). For a mellower atmosphere, choose the Plumen 002 LED or one of our WattNott filament LED range which give out a warm and vintage feel.

As a hybrid option – our luxurious new Plumen 003 is for you. Combining a bright spotlight aiming downward and warm and cosy glow all around, it is perfect for lighting up surfaces (bedside table, dining table, counters…) whilst adding up to the atmosphere. Plus it comes with its own custom chocolate brown pendant so you can skip #2!



How to create a London Underground-themed lighting chandelier

Browse our range of Drop Cap Pendants, which comes in six stunning finishes to create a standalone contemporary light fitting or put your own bespoke pendant together! With a choice between 9 lamp holders and over 25 different colours of cables, you’ve got some serious mix & match options. Check them out here.



How to create a London Underground-themed lighting chandelier

We’ve got three different multi-output ceiling rose to create chandeliers that fit all spaces. Go for our 8-way if you’re lighting up vast rooms and downsize to 3-way for smaller areas.



How to create a London Underground-themed lighting chandelier

Spacers are metallic sticks that don’t look like much at first glance – but assembled together, they create the internal frame of the chandelier and hold each individual cable in position. They work with 3 and 4-way chandelier and, aside from making your chandelier look super sleek, they will save you having to drill into your ceiling! They come in four colours: black, brass, copper and white.

If you like the ‘spider’ look of traditional chandelier or want to build a larger piece, then go for one of our traditional ceiling hooks.



You’re all set! If you got any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via the chat or drop us an email on info@plumen.com and get back to you in a flash.