For a wealthier, healthier and happier life, use less stuff, space and energy, says Graham Hill, the brains behind the progressive design firm, LifeEdited and environmental news-site, Tree Hugger.

Like us, the LifeEdited team believe it’s possible to live a sustainable lifestyle without compromising on great design. We’ve been inspired by their mission to create modern, efficient, luxurious small-homes that deliver the functionality of spaces many times their size.

Their latest project contains three rooms in a 350 sq ft space (approx. 33sqm). One of these rooms triples up as a living room, bedroom for 2, and dining room for 10! That little space called for some pretty serious low energy, beautiful lighting and we’re very proud to say our Drop Hat Shade and Plumen 002 Dimmable LED Light Bulb features in every room.

“We wanted low energy lighting that looked great, would have a timeless aesthetic and that would dim such that it would allow the room to be used in many different ways. Plumen nailed all of these criterion.” – Graham Hill

Plumen Drop Hat lamp Shade

When asked what it would take to achieve a truly mainstream sustainable lifestyle, Graham’s advice is to think big.

“Recycling is important but very small in terms of impact. We need people, companies and governments to focus on the big stuff like transportation and heating/cooling. There are so many amazing, simple and often boring technologies already available that we simply need to implement, like electrified transportation and passive or well insulated houses.”

You can check out all the innovative technologies used in LifeEdited projects on their blog.

The team are currently working on LifeEdited: Maui, a 1000 square foot off-grid house where our 003 will be making it’s LifeEdited debut  You can even watch a live webcam of the progress (just do your maths with the time zones…)

Used your Plumen in a creative way too? Share it with us and we could be featuring your story…

Photography:  © Christopher Testani