A contemporary chandelier is a fantastic way to add a sense of drama to a space whilst creating a beautiful atmosphere. It can transform a dining table or breakfast bar, and add glamour to hallways and bedrooms. And in bars, restaurants, coffee shops and hotels they create high impact design statements to take centre stage.

Plumen Spacer

Plumen Spacers can hold individual pendants in place.

We’ve been working on a clever little accessory that means creating a stunning contemporary chandelier is now a piece of cake.

Meet the Plumen Spacer, a sleek metallic bar fitted with small grip hooks on each end. It might not look like much but this little beauty is the key to creating your lighting masterpiece.

How do they work? The Spacers create an internal frame that holds each individual cable in position, creating a sleeker, neater display without the need for ceiling hooks.

Create your own contemporary chandelier

Mix & match our range of bulbs, pendants, shades and accessories to create your own bespoke chandelier!

They are the key to our Modular Collection and their versatility allows you to create a variety of looks to suit any project.

Finding the right set for you:

Plumen contemporary chandelier set
The Chandelier Set includes everything you need to create a Plumen centrepiece: bulbs, pendants, shades, a multi-output ceiling rose and a set of spacers. Buy a full Set from £199 / €249 / $275.


Plumen chandelier kit including canopy and spacers
The Chandelier Kit contains spacers and a multi-output ceiling rose. From there you can pick different cables, shades and bulbs to design something truly unique. Buy a Kit from £45 / €60 / $70.


Build a contemporary chandelier using the Plumen spacer lighting accessory
The Spacers can also be bought alone if you want to make an instant chandelier from an existing display. Buy Spacers from £25 / €30 / $40.