Anyone watching Blue Planet right now will be hard pushed to justify buying tat this Christmas, yet tat is what we buy. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE Christmas. And we LOVE presents. But we think it can be done better. So here’s some Plumen inspiration for gifts with a bigger purpose.  

1. Forever Water Bottles


With beautiful water bottles like these, it’s bonkers that single use plastic bottles make up ⅓ of the ocean’s pollution. The team at S’well believe that by designing beautiful water bottles, they can reduce the number of single-use plastics used. Not only do they look gorgeous, but they’ll keep your water cold for 24 hours, or hot for 12.
From Amara, from £25.

2. Eco sunglasses


The sunglasses in Proof Eyewear’s eco collection are beautifully hand crafted from the finest FSC accredited wood and cotton based acetate. With polarized lenses, they’re not a throw away pair, but something to treasure for years. Oh, and they’re biodegradable. Can they do more?
From Proof, from $90.

3. DIY Pendant Kits

Our DIY Pendant Kits will not only keep people entertained/quiet/busy (delete as required) over Christmas, but they’ll last and last. Paired with our low energy light bulbs, the outcome is a piece of sustainable beauty that you can proudly say you made yourself.
From Plumen£39.95


4. Edible Window boxes

Gardening solutions for urban dwellers with small spaces but big imaginations. Try the Balcony Gardener’s Edible Window box for a little bit of green in the city (and fewer plastic wrapped herbs from the supermarkets). If you’re not particularly green fingered, her book might help keep it all alive!).
From The Balcony, £69.95

5. Proper umbrellas


There aren’t many items as poor for the job they’re designed for as the bog standard umbrella. That’s why Senz design beautiful and sturdy umbrellas that DO NOT turn inside out. You can even watch one being used in a wind tunnel. The Plumen team can personally vouch for their perfection – a possession to be proud of.
From, from €44.90

6. Glow in the dark lights

glow-in-the-dark-kayan-lamp -shade

Our ever popular range of Kayan’s can now be printed in a glow in the dark finish. There’s no need to power nightlights when this keeps glowing after the light is switched off. And because they’re printed to order in the UK, there’s no wastage or air mileage to consider. One for the kids (young or old!).
From, from £119.95

7. Inspirational books

design- museum-book

Imagine being able to look back at a 1980 version of this book – what would have made the cut? Whether it’s pored over, left on a coffee table display, or squirrelled away to be looked at in 20 years time, it’s a beautiful, inspirational book to be treasured.
From the Design Museum Shop, £10

7. Pantone Pendants

There aren’t many brands more synonymous with the thing they do than Pantone are with colour. And these beautiful pendants are about as classic as you’ll get – timeless, colourful beauty.
From Plumen, from £49.95


Recycled wrapping paper

Bought a wonderful gift? Wrap it well with some beautifully designed paper from Re-wrapped. Made from 100% recycled materials to complete your gift giving in sustainable style.