We collaborate with incredible designers all over the world to create shades and accessories for our bulbs, and now it’s the turn of the Plumen 003. Say hello to this stunning design from Lewis Small, a final year 3D design student at Northumbria University.

Why did you choose to work with the Plumen 003?

I’ve always been a big fan of Plumen products and love the fact they are used so creatively. I wanted to come up with another innovative way of displaying a Plumen bulb which was unique and fresh. Being relatively new to the market, the 003 has had very little, if anything, designed specifically for it – so I saw this as an opportunity to design something unique for the lighting market.

Thrust pendant with Plumen 003 lewis small

Why did you choose to design a pendant light?

Pendant lights tend to hang from a ceiling – usually directing light downwards onto the surface below. They are often chosen for their decorative flair and the way they conceal an unattractive bulb. In this case, however, I wanted to create a pendant that drew the eye towards, not away from, the bulb. Additionally, the pendant also had to utilise the 003’s directional spotlight qualities – so it was a challenging but exciting brief to take on.

plumen 003 and thrust pendant lewis small

Talk us through the design process…

The 003 is an incredibly beautiful bulb and I wanted to work with its character to create something entirely unique that couldn’t work with just any old bulb. I was looking to design something slender and elegant but that had an unusual, functional quality to it. Any mechanisms needed to be small enough to keep the lines sleek but strong enough to manage the bulb’s weight.

003 design collaboration pendant lewis small close up

How does the pendant work?

The pendant can hang vertically or be adjusted to a specific position by moving the suspension cable up, down and around the flex. The suspension cable fastens to a swivel which rotates around the bulb holder, so the bulb can be positioned in any direction without the flex tangling. The conical shape at the top of the pendant is a counterweight which helps adjust the angle of the bulb. All this offers a sleek and effective way to adjust the angle of the bulb – enabling you to make the most of the spotlight.

thrust pendant 003 lewis small

This is currently a prototype and there are no immediate plans to go into production – unless, of course, we have a huge response.  So if you’d be interested in owning one, drop us an email.

If you’re interested in contacting Lewis, you can email him, or check out @iconiclighting – the beautiful instagram feed where he curates innovative and interesting lighting from all over the globe.