Like the look of exposed filament bulbs but want something fresh and original? Then Willow and Wilma are the bulbs for you. Our new pair of WattNott LED filament bulbs that emit the same vintage light of incandescents, but come in modern silhouettes.

Popularity of vintage bulbs

In recent years the popularity of exposed filament bulbs has exploded. Due to advances in LED technology, it’s now possible to create the same vintage light as incandescents whilst using much less energy. But while technology has advanced, design has been left behind. Instead of exciting filament formations and beautiful bulb shapes, choice is limited to incandescent knock-offs which fail to exploit all the possibilities of LED technology and lack imaginative design. So we decided to fix it.

willow and wilma on floor alongside chair

Modern designs

Since we launched WattNott, our range of exposed filament bulbs, we’ve been exploring LED technology, looking for new possibilities and design language to enable us to inspire more people to switch to energy efficient lighting. In our new bulbs, we manipulate small LED filament strips into a delicate floral crown at the centre of the bulb’s void…

dining room lighting

…We then designed the silhouettes around the subtle filament, creating a well-considered tension and harmony between the two. The silhouettes feel familiar but clearly not something we’ve seen before which results in timeless designs that balance classic and modern influences – perfect for the sleekest, modern space to the most opulent, lavish palace. Designed as a complementary pair, when used in series the bulbs also create beautiful clusters and chandeliers.


Where to use them

While we know people are hunting for decorative light bulbs, they also need high quality light. Willow and Wilma are powerfully lit from their small floral crowns and with hand painted gold glass finishes, they give off a super warm candle-light glow, similar to that of incandescents (but using 80% less energy). The beauty of LED means the bulbs can also be dimmed to find the right light for the moment so they’re perfect in spaces where you want a decorative, exposed filament, but don’t want to settle for a generic bulb shape.

willow and wilma pendants above fireplace

The unique filament formations and silhouettes in our new WattNott range are here to help us on our quest to rid the world of inefficient light bulbs.


Lifestyle photography by Emma Harris @aquietstyle

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