Following the incredible levels of enthusiasm for the LifeEdited micro apartment we covered last year (featuring Plumen bulbs and shades), we were thrilled when Graham Hill decided to fill his new project with 003s. You might have had apartment-envy before, but just wait till you see this new house in Hawaii…

LifeEdited’s brand new 1000 square foot house in Maui, Hawaii, is a stunning example of “small space, big design”, off-the-grid, low energy, low-impact housing. Using the latest design and tech in every aspect of the design, they offer a stunning vision of the future of living. The house is capable of harvesting more energy and water than it consumes, and is 28 years ahead of Hawaii’s Clean Energy Initiative that strives to implement 100% clean energy by 2045.

life edited kitchen lounge area in Maui Hawaii with Plumen 003

“With as much as 70% of global carbon emissions tied to constructing, operating and furnishing buildings, the project is a firsthand representation of how we can reshape our future starting with life at home.” Graham Hill, Founder of LifeEdited

Transformational Design

Within the house are four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms and the capacity to entertain over twenty people at one time- all within 1000 square-feet. It’s LifeEdited’s signature transformational designs that give this space the functionality of a much larger house.

Life-edited maui house collage dining room bedroom and floor plan

LifeEdited Lighting

To Graham and his team, nothing is more important in shaping our sense of well-being than quality of light. They are huge advocates of the use of LEDs in contemporary design, recognising the potential to bring warmth and energy efficiency to everyday life. Making use of the 003s innovative spot and ambient light, they have adorned the house with beautiful light.

Life Edited Maui house kitchen island with Plumen 003 pendant set

The utilities

The team picked Acer Water Tanks’ WaterHarvest Tank – a complete rainwater system that collects, filters and stores water within one tank – meeting the demands of a changing water landscape and eliminating contamination. For energy, Sunflare’s inconspicuous, thin-film solar panels have been seamlessly integrated onto the roof to offer 10,500 watts of solar power that powers everything in the house – as well as the old VW that has been transformed into a high performance electric car. Generating sustainable power is one thing, but reducing the power need in the first place with low energy lighting helps reduce the demand and in turn the investment required for generation (the amount of panels you need in this instance). And if you’re creating the most luxurious living experience with the lowest energy draw, then Plumen lighting is an obvious option. Which is of course is why Graham chose it ; )

Life Edited house, Maui, Hawaii night time exterior with electric car

Other LifeEdited projects

The first LifeEdited project (LE1, a 420-square-foot apartment in New York) became one of the most publicised residential property projects of all time. Graham then bought a second, even smaller flat (350-square-foot) where he further experimented with interior design and functionality. LE2 also gained international recognition and remains his home today.

While the former LE1 and LE2 projects showed micro-dwelling options for single-unit living, LifeEdited:Maui is the next evolution, showing the family sized future of sustainable living.

If ever you need some inspiration for living more sustainably, the guys at LifeEdited are it.

If you’re planning an off-grid or carbon neutral (or negative)  project of note, then let us know if you’d like support on your lighting needs. We’re always happy to help!

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