Looking for Bedroom lighting ideas ? As the sanctuary of your home, your bedroom lighting deserves some serious thought – getting it wrong can make the space feel uninviting and make it hard to get a good night’s sleep.

How do I plan my bedroom lighting?

When considering bedroom lighting ideas it’s useful to think about all the ways you use your room. Do you like to read in bed? Do you ever work there? Do you use your bedroom for relaxation, meditation or exercise? Most importantly, you need to choose lighting that helps you get a good night’s sleep. That means soft, ambient light that helps create a peaceful environment before you go to sleep. At the same time, your bedroom is where you wake up to face the day and if natural light is limited (or if you’re up before it’s light outside), it’s important you consider task lighting around mirrors and wardrobes. With  this in mind, you’ll need to think carefully about how you balance the task and ambient lighting.

When should I plan my bedroom lighting?

If you’re in the early stages of a renovation (before the electrician has done the first fit), you have the luxury of planning the location of switches. You’ll most likely want a switch by the door, but you may also want to control the “main” lights from your bedside – so you’re not having to get out of bed to turn the lights on/off. If you’re working with existing internal wiring, you can still add some flexibility using bedside lights with inbuilt switches.

Whatever you need from your bedroom lighting, make sure it’s beautiful, gentle and helps turn your bedroom into the sanctuary you deserve. Here are some of our favourite bedroom lighting ideas:

Beauty sleep

@mabiertodecoracionra @lifeedited

The Plumen 003 is the perfect light for bedsides – offering a bright, downward spot to illuminate your table, and a softer, ambient side light to turn your room into a sanctuary. With its rich colour and beautiful golden facets, it mixes enchanting beauty with practicality. 

Bedside ceiling lights

@casa.nolita @borohotel

Turn your cords into a feature by running them up the wall, draping them round a ceiling hook and letting them hang. Here, they’ve been paired with bright 001 bulbs which compliment the natural daylight.

Bedroom wall lighting


Playfully run your cords up the wall and let the brightness of a Plumen 001 reflect off it.

Master bedroom lighting design


@moderno_interiors @lightyears

The Pharoah shades from Lightyears make this master bedroom feel like a 5 star hotel. Switched off, the shade has a mirrored finish, but switch the light on and the curves of the Plumen 001 shine through – as though they’re floating within the shade.

Bedside lighting ideas in white 



Recreate this soft and cosy space with a white Drop Top Shade that tames the glare of the 001 while still letting you enjoy it’s beautiful curves.

Bedside lighting ideas in black


Create some real drama with a black Drop Top Shade and 001 bulb that comes to life when it’s switched on.

Cage the light

@djco.lifestyle @clareeliseinteriors

Use cage shades to create dramatic statement pieces that allow the bare beauty of the bulbs to shine through. 

Modern glassware

@made @dabeyh01

For a modern twist on a classic table lamp, look at the Temple Table Lamp created in collaboration with Made.com.

Copper pendants 


@Claireprice, @made.com

Another beautiful design from our collaboration with made.com – the Rehm pendant lamp introduces beautiful metalics to your room while the interaction of the 001 and the glass shade create stunning reflections.

Kids bedroom lighting ideas 



Don’t leave the kids out of the lighting fun – take a look at these playful Berry Bright Pendants. Whether they’re hung from the ceiling or run up the wall, they’ll liven up any kids room with a splash of colour.

For more bedroom lighting ideas, follow our board on Pinterest.

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