Looking for dining room lighting ideas?  As with any room in the house, dining room lighting should be carefully considered – whether you have a dedicated dining room or your dining table is a part of your open-plan kitchen/living area. The best lighting for dining rooms creates a beautiful atmosphere, flatters diners and transforms meals into experiences.


001 in a large Scandi shade

How do I choose my dining room table lighting?

It’s important that you design your lighting around your dining table and not just around the room as a whole. Together, the table and lighting should have a cohesive style with a clear and comfortable light. The scale of your table plays a big part in choosing lighting. A single bulb will look insubstantial over a large table (and might not light it effectively), while a huge chandelier might over-power a teeny table.

What type of light do I need?

If you have a dedicated dining room, you can choose ambient lighting specifically for dining. If your dining table is within an open plan living space, or the table is used for activities other than dining – such as homework or admin – it’s important you consider brighter task lighting as well.

Whatever temperature (Kelvin) or brightness (Lumen) you opt for, it’s important the lights over your dining table are on a dimmer – ideally separate to the other lights in the room (so you can switch those off for extra drama). 

How do I hang lighting over a dining table?

The height of your light will depend on what you use the table/room for. As a general rule, the bottom of the light should be 70-90cm above the table. The light should be high enough for you to make comfortable eye-contact across the table without being blinded by it and without the chance of bashing your head against it.


Here are some dining room lighting ideas and tips to help you find the right light for your space…

003 offers task and ambient lighting in one, making both food and diners look more beautiful

Make your guests more beautiful

There’s no light bulb more perfect for dining than the Plumen 003. Its award winning design offers two lights in one – a bright spotlight illuminates your table surface, while an ambient side light bathes your guests in a super warm candlelight glow. So not only is it beautiful to look at, it makes you more beautiful too. Hang alone or in a cluster over a small table, or in series over a long table.


003 bulb at Anello Pizzeria Tucson

Anello Pizzeria, Tucson. @spacebureau

Line your lights over a long table

If you have a long or rectangular table, a series of bulbs can frame it while making sure it’s lit end to end. Here the dual-light source of the Plumen 003, creates a beautiful and atmospheric feature.


Create a cluster over a circular table

If your table is round, draw the eye into the centre with a striking cluster of pendants. This display of copper Drop Cap Pendants and Plumen 001 bulbs within a beautiful open plan space brilliantly draws the focus onto the dining table.


Create a feature with glass shades

Tame the brightness of the Plumen 001 with a Drop Top Shade that helps direct its light downwards, illuminating the table surface below and creating a soft ambience in the room.


Tom Raffield Skipper Pendant above dining table


Modern floral lighting

For a modern twist on a floral lighting feature, check out the Skipper shade. Its petals, made from sustainably sourced wood, curl into a flowing sculpture that creates intricate shadows when the light is switched on.

Willow & Wilma hung at different heights above a dining room table.


A mix and match approach

You don’t have to measure out your lights to the Nth degree.  Mixing and matching bulbs, heights and spacing can help create a unique and beautiful display over a dining table. The Willow and Wilma bulbs are designed as a pair and work beautifully when hung in series.


Plumen 001 Pendant set above dining table - project by Architexture

Project by Architexture

Flattering lights for flats and small spaces

If you don’t have the luxury of a large space dedicated to dining, you can still define your dining area with a creative feature. 


Modern dining room chandeliers

Design a big feature over a smaller table by staggering your lights in a spider web like this high impact installation of Plumen 001 bulbs.


dining room lightiing in farmhouse setting


Vintage lights and farm house vibes

Let the vintage look and feel of WattNott bulbs create the perfect ambience in a modern farmhouse setting.


Plumen 002 dimmable LED and drop hat set in dining room setting


Dining Danish hygge style

Hang a single Drop Hat Shade with Plumen 002 over a small dining table to recreate this calming, earthy dining space.


For more dining room lighting ideas, follow our board on Pinterest or call our team for advice.

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