We often focus on affordable shades you can pair with Plumen bulbs, but today we’re simply marvelling at the wondrous lighting you can have when money and space are no object. Some of these designs would look amazing with Plumen bulbs and some are just spectacular feats of lighting to lust over.

Oda by Sebastian Herkner


Oda lamp by Sebastian Herkner, From £690

Inspired by striking pictures of water towers shot by German photographers Bernd and Hilla Becher, the Oda collection features hand blown tinted glass barrels balanced on slender, industrial-style frames. The Oda lamps exemplify how contrasting materials and shapes can create harmony of form when juxtaposed, and we’d love to see what unexpected and irregular reflections appear when there’s a Plumen 001 within.

King Edison Ghost Lamp By Mineheart

King Edison Ghost Lamp by Mineheart

King Edison Ghost lamp by Mineheart, From £504

The King Edison Ghost lamp combines the pure simplicity of an Edison bulb with the romance and glamour of a chandelier. Inside the delicate hand-blown black glass lives the ghostly figure of a doll’s house chandelier, emitting light from tiny LEDs and reminding us that small can be unbelievably beautiful.

Tim Light by Olgoj Chorchoj for Bomma

Tim Light by Olgoj Chorchoj for Bomma, From £1252 

Originally created to house Tim Burton’s animated movie characters in a Prague exhibition, the giant Tim domes are entirely hand-blown and measure up to 750mm – dimensions very few glass-makers in the world can achieve. The thick walled glass is supported by simple elements to create a striking hanging light feature – the curves of which would be beautifully complemented by a Plumen bulb.

Cumulus Pendant, Wall & Floor Lamps by Enoki

Cumulus Pendant, Wall & Floor Lamps by Enoki

Cumulus pendant, wall & floor lamps by Enoki, From £705 

Inspired by enigmatic cloud formations, the Cumulus lights look simple at first glance but their imaginative finish reveal a complex geometric structure within. 100% linen is tailored and sewn to surround and accentuate the form, providing texture to the design and a diffused veil to the glowing light within.

Lantern By Willowlamp

Lantern By Willowlamp

Lantern by Willowlamp, £POA 

Curtains of ball-chain flowing elegantly from a laser cut steel frame – that’s the signature look of a piece of art from Willowlamp. Their designs are shaped by the sacred principles of geometry resulting in extraordinarily extravagant pieces. We love the more unusual simplicity of their Lantern pendant and would love to see the curves of a Plumen bulb glowing through.

Fresnel Light by Dirk Vander Kooij, from £790

Fresnel Light by Dirk Vander Kooij, from £790

Fresnel Light by Dirk Vander Kooij, from £790

For a striking combination of avant-garde technology and sustainability, take a look at the Fresnel light. Layers of transparent plastic from old CDs encase hundreds of LEDs within. These layers reflect the light, resulting in a warm glittery glow without glare. Hung from a steel wire, the Fresnel light looks like a glowing celestial body and, like the orbit of a planet, the light rotates around a central metal ball, allowing you to direct the light as needed.

Skipper By Tom Raffield

Skipper By Tom Raffield

Skipper Pendant by Tom Raffield, from £249

Made from sustainably sourced ash, oak or walnut, Skipper’s petals are shaped by hand into a flowing, curling sculpture that casts bold shadows. Paired with the 001, the looping petals gently envelope and mirror the organic lines of the bulb, creating a real show stopper when the light is switched on.


VP Globe Glass Pendant by Verner Panton

VP Globe Glass Pendant by Verner Panton, from £1270

It might have been designed back in 1969 but the progressive design of the Globe pendant still has a place in modern interiors. The lamp is constructed with a transparent acrylic globe and five suspended metal reflectors which can be lacquered in various colours to suit you scheme.

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