As the evenings darken, we return to indoor living and rediscover the pleasure of cosy shared experiences such as dining together, whether at home or in a restaurant.

Restaurant lighting is a tricky thing to get right, especially during the darker months, as diners we want a warm flattering effect but need more brightness for focus areas like the dining table.

The answer is Plumen’s 003 bulb, which produces exceptionally high-quality light, specifically designed to make food look more delicious. Whilst the bright spotlight illuminates the table top, the warm side light bathes the surroundings in an atmospheric glow that flatters everything it touches.

The 003’s revolutionary way to distribute light is being used in professional bars and restaurants across the world. 1251, by Chef James Cochran  in London’s Islington has now joined those ranks.


The restaurant is across two floors, both have a galley feel – the 003 bulbs are hung in series over the bar in the middle of the ground floor, warmly inviting you in.