We started Plumen to use the allure of cool and sustainable designer light bulbs to encourage people to switch to  more energy efficient lights. To use technology, shaped by design to nudge the mainstream towards more sustainable products.

Light bulbs are special. They are objects in their own right and can be enjoyed naked, as many choose to with Plumen. But they’re also ingredients for a new design when they come together with other shades and accessories. We design all our bulbs to work as both as individual, stand-alone objects, but also in communion with lighting products made by other designers. Not every combination works, but when it does, sparks fly and you have something really special.

We’re always looking at the world of lighting products and can spot a possible match a mile away. We don’t need Tinder to find that perfect coupling (although our Pinterest boards come in very handy).

Here are a few examples of shades and accessories that resonate beautifully with our new Plumen 001 LED.

Tim, by Bomma

This hand-crafted shade has a bold teardrop form that frames the 001’s organic shape beautifully. Different colour tints and finish options make this coupling really versatile.

Tim by Bomma


ODA by Pulpo

Here’s the Plumen 001 LED together with the stunning Pulpo ODA, designed by Sebastien Herkner. This imposing floor lamp creates a strong graphic presence in any space and the rich hues of the tints adds colour and warmth. The surface expanse creates a wonderful canvas for the dynamic shape of the 001 LED.


ODA by Pulpo

Hereford XL by Fritz Fryer

Now that the 001 LED dims, it is no longer necessary to actively shade the bulb as the glare can simply be controlled through dimming. This opens us up to clear shades, like this Hereford XL from Fritz Fryer. Even though the glass is un-tinted, the transparent sphere still frames the bulb, giving it more presence. The Hereford comes in a number of sizes which means they can be mixed to create interesting clusters of repeating forms, but with different sizes, a great thing for creating centrepieces for the larger space. Fritz Fryer’s Wellington XXL draws out a different character from the 001 LED, creating another attractive combination.


Hereford XL by Fritz Fryer


Quill 550 Pendant by Tom Raffield 

Tom Raffield works closely wth nature, evolving his designs from natural materials around him in the countryside where his studio is based. These products don’t just complement Plumen in ethos, but their signature flowing organic forms sing with the curves of our Plumen 001.


Quill 550 Pendant by Tom Raffield


The KEM, by Plumen for MADE.com

This one is cheating because the KEM was made specifically for the proportions of the new 001 LED! The mirrored copper and smoked finishes available frame the bulb and add a strong angular geometry that contrasts with the curls of the bulb. The copper option hides the bulb when off and then shows itself when turned on.


Kem Shade by Made.com


E27 Pendant by Frama

The new sleeker housing at the top of the bulb is now made from ceramic (replacing plastic on the former model). The material looks much better, harder edged and solid to the touch. With our Plumen Pendant we cover this part but when used with different fittings, the ceramic part is exposed which can be really pleasing when the join is a pleasing transition. The black ceramic with etched Plumen logo contrasts really well with Frama’s matt gold metallic.


Vessel by Decode 

The Vessel was designed specifically for the 001, by the bulb’s co-designer, Samuel Wilkinson. So it’s no surprise that the sumptuous form and richly tinted, hand crafted glass frames the 001 to great effect. The Vessel comes with a number of finishes and scales to allow for multi-sized clusters that can take your breath away.


Vessel by Decode


Brume by Original BTC 

UK based Original BTC create some amazing designs. The Brume has all the hallmarks of a perfect combination for the 001 LED. The generous volume, rich materials and exquisite finish all make this a match-made-in-heaven.


Brume by Original BTC


Fly by Kartell

The Fly is already a modern classic. With its’ fruity colour options and large, simple form, this shades adds presence without imposing. And the expansive canvas frames the 001 perfectly. Available at: http://www.kartell.com/