Renovating your space can be expensive, time consuming and messy – especially because any lighting that’s installed into the mains normally requires an electrician. Yet lighting is still the simplest way to set the tone for you space…. Say hello to the humble table lamp. No complicated wiring, no electrician. Just un-pack, plug-in and you’re good to go.

If you love the idea of modern, designer light bulbs but can’t bear the idea of a full renovation (or you can’t sacrifice your existing task lighting) a table lamp is the perfect way to produce the atmosphere and personality you’re after.

Feature table lamps

Choosing a table lamp is no longer all-about-the-lamp with the bulb as an afterthought. Even if its hidden by a shade, the bulb is an integral part of the overall atmosphere you’re aiming to create.

Paired with our innovative and exciting bulb designs, even plain and neutral lamps can be transformed into pieces of art.  Every Plumen bulb has its own personality – from ambient bulbs that create a cosy mood, to brighter bulbs for task lighting. And, as the bulbs’ silhouettes change, so too do their relationship with the lamp base, which serves to accentuate the beauty of the bulb.

Here’s some of our favourite inspiration for Plumen table lamp pairings:

Plumen 001 LED & Dean Table Light available to buy at

Dean, by Nordlux

This sleek and simple table lamp from Danish designers, Nordlux, is available at A refined and minimalist design that comes in matt black or a high-shine brass and can be paired with various Plumen bulbs to create exciting designs that perfectly suit your style. Here’s Wilma, showing off her curves atop the brass pillar design. Shop the range here.

Willow LED bulb with Control table light by Muuto

Control, by Muuto

Muuto’s control lamp combines a playful industrial style with Scandinavian simplicity and high-quality technology. An in-built dimmer switch makes this lamp incredibly versatile – perfect for reading or relaxing by at the twist of a dial. Here’s Willow atop Muuto’s sleek base.

Plumen 001 LED with Lumi table light and Plumen 002 with Plum table light – available to buy at

Plum and Lumi, by Unrefined

The minimalist form and subtle texture of these concrete table lamps is crafted through hand-made techniques. Its simplicity will suit many an environment – from bedsides to sofa-sides – and can be paired with various Plumen bulbs to create the light and look you want. Plum and Lumi, the slightly smaller version, are both available from

Wilbur light bulb & Sputnik by Tse Tse

Sputnik, by Tse Tse

As its name suggests, this is a table lamp with a peculiarly futuristic vibe. Minimalist, intriguing and fun, this lamp fits in anywhere, from a bedside table to feature shelf. On top of its quirky little base, you can use various Plumen bulbs – from vintage style filament bulbs to the 001, pictured here is Wilbur, adding to the space-age style of the lamp.

Plumen 001 LED & Terrazo Table Light

Terrazzo, by John Lewis

Add a pop of colour to your desk or table-top with this stylish terrazzo lamp. Its petite concrete base is finished with a colourful, flecked pattern that’s best accentuated with a striking feature bulb. Here, the sleek, curvaceous lines of the 001 are in captivating contrast with the irregular, speckled base. The lamp comes in steel grey, blush pink and white and can be complemented by various Plumen bulbs.

Whatever combo you go for, investing in a table lamp is a simple and sustainable way to set the tone for your space. Bored with the design? Move it to a new position or room, or switch the bulb to create a whole new look and light.

If you have any questions about our bulbs and how they work in table lamps, feel free to get in touch.