Image: Giulia Savorelli

Ten years after opening their first shop filled with Plumen bulbs, Fix Coffee is still one of London’s coolest coffee shops. Their latest interior project is the result of a collaboration with British designer, Luke Deering, who’s created a striking shade for the iconic Plumen 002.

Founded in 2009, FIX aimed to revolutionise East London’s coffee scene. Ten years on, their two locations still serve up London’s best coffee in beautifully atmospheric surroundings. As one of Plumen’s first ever customers, we’ve worked with FIX over the years to install beautiful lighting that brings out the best of their spaces.

The counters in both shops are lined with Plumen 003’s that illuminate the delights below while casting warm glows on customers and their surroundings.

The original FIX coffee shop on Whitecross street has always been home to Plumen 002s. The warm, gentle glow of the bare bulbs help create a relaxed ambience in the seating area while their subtle curves are in striking contrast to the graphic wall design by renowned designer, Camille Walala .

Image: Giulia Savorelli

The Illusive shade – designed by Luke Deering, reflects the aesthetic of the space without obscuring the calming beauty of the 002. Its linearity compliments Walala’s work, while the open design allows the 002 to shine through, creating a harmonious connection between lighting and design.

We caught up with Luke to chat about the shade and how it came to be…

“The project arose after a chance encounter with Sasha, the owner of Fix. He happened to be looking for someone to design some lampshades for their branch on Whitecross St. which I jumped at. I used to go into the shop on Curtain Road all the time when I was working nearby so it had a sentimental association for me.

The brief was fantastic. Sasha wanted a shade which could reflect the aesthetic of the shop without obstructing the iconic design of the 002 bulb. I had a great amount of freedom and Sasha was an enthusiastic collaborator.”


Image: Giulia Savorelli

 “The general form of the shade came from an idea for a sculpture I had previously created by hand. Playing with irregular angles and the moiré effect, I wanted the form to be illusive and hard for the viewer to read, ever changing from all angles, and something that made sense for the shops geometric and graphic wall designs. I find forms that aren’t symmetrical feel more human, their imperfections reveal more character and charm.”

“I also wanted to take advantage of the different light sources available – natural light from the large windows and the warmth that the 002 emits.

Using laser cut transparent acrylic, I created the asymmetrical form without any right angles. This means the shade has multiple points of refraction, absorbing light while also reflecting it back in unexpected ways.”

What’s next for Deering? The collaboration with FIX has led to an exciting new Plumen x Deering concept: Hive, a biomorphic, 3D printed wood shade based on the structure of honeycomb. Keep your eyes peeled for launch in the next few months. And if you’re interested in the Illusive shade please contact