Following the success of his beautiful Illusive shade for FIX Coffee, we asked designer, Luke Deering, to create another bespoke shade for Plumen bulbs. The result?  A biomorphic, recycled 3D printed shade called Hive.


Hive is an elegant biomorphic design drawing on the natural grace of the honeycomb structure.

Housed within the tessellating hexagonal design, the fluid shape of the 001 resembles the flight path of an assiduous bee conducting its admirable work, or the softer curves and calmer light of the 002.

The shade works to frame the bulbs, allowing their beauty to shine through, while also taming the glare of their naked light. Together, they become a unified and natural objet d’art.


As ever, we briefed Deering to create a beautiful design that didn’t come at the cost of the planet. Through the exploration of the latest 3D printing technology, the new Hive shades are printed in PLA bioplastic; made up of 90% recycled plastic and other plant based resources.  They’re also printed to order in the UK, reducing waste and the need to ship overseas.

The Final Product

The Hive shade comes in two sizes to perfectly encase the 001 LED or 002 LED. There’s a choice of 6 colours: White, Black, Moss Green, Honey Gold, Orange and Blue, or you can use our bespoke service for a colour of your choice.

The Hive shade is available to buy now from