Looking for office lighting ideas? Whether you’re lighting a large corporate space or a box-room study, there are certain guidelines you should follow to make sure your space has the right light to get the job done, while still being an inviting place to spend time. A poorly lit office can affect moral, productivity, and even your vision in the long run. 

What sort of light do I need in an office?

It’s important to think of your space in layers – where each layer requires a new type of light. Most rooms have recessed ceiling lights that provide a base level of task lighting. This offers more creative freedom for accent lights – using pendants, table lamps, wall lights etc.

Where possible – make use of natural light and place desks by windows. If your windows don’t have blinds, keep in mind the angle of screens and direction of sunlight so you’re not squinting to see at certain points in the day.

How do I pick the right light bulbs?

The brightness (Lumen) and colour temperature (Kelvin) of your bulbs will depend on the purpose of the light – whether it’s task or accent. Many offices opt for very bright, cold lights which are thought to increase productivity, but they can sometimes have the opposite effect – making the office a cold and uninviting place to be. Your best bet is to opt for a warm task light that still delivers on brightness, like the Plumen 001.

What else do I need to consider?

Your office lights will, in all likelihood, be switched on more than off, which means you need to consider your electricity bills. Don’t fall for cheap incandescent and halogen bulb prices. LEDs might cost a little more upfront but they’re well worth it in the long run. It’s also worth investing in good quality LED bulbs –  it’s often not perceptible to the naked eye, but low quality LEDs can flicker, putting unnecessary strain on your eyes.

Whether you’re after a modern twist on a corporate look or a relaxed, informal vibe, here are some of the best office lighting ideas to get you started…

Stylish office lighting

Studio 383

Use different lighting styles to demarcate zones in your office. We love this web of Plumen 001 bulbs over the meeting room table which contrasts with industrial style lighting in the breakout area.


Modern industrial office lighting

Decom Venray

Everyone knows that plants in an office are great for general wellbeing. Get creative with yours by mixing Plumen 001 bulbs with some beautiful bosque over a meeting table. Here’s a striking display that contrasts with the muted concrete and strip lighting elsewhere in the space.

Home office lighting

Declutter your desk while adding a modern twist to your study – make use of cables and hooks as creative alternatives to a desk lamp.

Memorable meeting room lighting

Morey Smith

Design a bespoke installation that communicates your company’s identity with the help of our trade team.

Creative office lighting 

Kinzo Fjord

Set against LED strip lights, the display of Drop Top shades at varying heights helps this room become a hub of creativity.

Sustainable office lighting

Quercus desk lamp by Greeb

A beautiful piece of sustainable design lit by Wanda makes this the perfect desk lamp for a company with a conscience. Check out our post on table lamps for more inspiration like this. 

Cool commercial office lighting

Gordon offices by Duke Studio

Even corporate offices can have a bit of fun. Brighten up a plain space with a bold cluster of 001 bulbs.

Fun office lighting

Make use of multicoloured cable and different vintage style LED bulbs to recreate this look that benefits from lots of natural light when the blinds are up.


Modern office lighting



Add striking lighting to a bright boardroom. Use downlights against the walls to enlarge the space and Drop Cap Pendants with Plumen 001 bulbs to turn your table into a hub of creativity. 


Modern meeting room lighting

@Petr Krejci

A 001 and Decode shade becomes a striking focal point in this atmospheric meeting room.


Unusual office lighting

Pharoah Shade from @Lightyears

For the sleekest office style, invest in the Pharoah Shade which brings the beauty of the 001 to life when it’s switched on.

Your name in lights

 Johns & Co

Go all-out and light up your logo for the world to see.

For more office lighting ideas, follow our board on Pinterest or call our team for advice.