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Plumen 003 x Chef James Cochran at 1251

As the evenings darken, we return to indoor living and rediscover the pleasure of cosy shared experiences such as dining together, whether at home or in a restaurant. Restaurant lighting is a tricky thing to get right, especially during the darker months, as diners we want a warm flattering effect but need more brightness for

The Design Story Behind Plumen 001 from Nik Roope Co-Founder & Creative Director

It’s more than ten years since I had the idea for the Plumen 001 lightbulb. It came like many epiphanies, like many other random thoughts, but this one was different because after its first appearance it came back again and again.

Designer Collaborations: Pantone

In the second in our series of designer collaborations we’re honoured to feature our partnership with e3light and the world’s leading connoisseurs of colour, Pantone. The Designers Pantone hit the scene in 1963 with a colour system for professional designers, helping sync many a designer’s intention with their resulting print and product. It made the

Plumen Projects: See how an old horsebox was converted into an awesome little bar

The story of Wildthings- an old horsebox that’s been lovingly converted into an awesome little bar by a man who’s on a mission to live sustainably.

Restaurant Lighting Ideas: Create The Perfect Atmosphere

To make a restaurant really special, lighting is critical to the design. Great lighting sets an attractive mood and ambience and, of course, celebrates what arrives in every glass and on every plate. Lighting can also be used to add real personality and help your space stand out from the crowd. So make sure you put

Lamps We Love: Spectacular lighting for modern interiors

We often focus on affordable shades you can pair with Plumen bulbs, but today we’re simply marvelling at the wondrous lighting you can have when money and space are no object. Some of these designs would look amazing with Plumen bulbs and some are just spectacular feats of lighting to lust over.

Designer Collaborations: Decode Vessel Lamp Shade

Our bulbs are ingredients. That’s why we love working with amazing designers who have the skills to turn them into something even more extraordinary. Having worked with Samuel Wilkinson on the iconic 001 (a design that’s been published worldwide and is included in the permanent collections of the MOMA, The Cooper-Hewitt collection, and The V&A)

Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Looking for dining room lighting ideas?  As with any room in the house, dining room lighting should be carefully considered – whether you have a dedicated dining room or your dining table is a part of your open-plan kitchen/living area. The best lighting for dining rooms creates a beautiful atmosphere, flatters diners and transforms meals into

10 Stunning Rattan Lighting Ideas

The most pinned interior trend in 2018, Rattan is all the rage right now. Its’ style evokes memories of long lazy summers of days-gone-by. Mix that comforting aesthetic with modern design and you’ve got a style that can work in all sorts of spaces and as Rattan is a naturally renewable palm, it’s sustainable too.

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