Plumen Co-founder, Nik Roope, stumbled upon a familiar sight in Wired US’ February issue!

They love the Plumen 003 and deemed it “so stunning you should think of it as an objet d’art”. Quite an endorsement ahead of the launch of the bulb in the US in April 2017. Read the full feature below.
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Have you heard of Bulb? And before you ask, we’re not talking about our bulbs. We mean the 100% renewable energy provider that is taking on the Big Six energy suppliers. Read More

Plumen 003 anodised aluminium elements

Following in the wake of the 001 and 002, the Plumen 003 has big boots to fill and our growing ambition to fulfil! We trod a very fine line in creating this product. We wanted to keep beauty, efficiency and the lighting experience in equilibrium which is actually an incredibly difficult balancing act. So, time to reveal some of the secrets that led to the creation of this brand new concept of LED bulb (Preorder here).Read More