The beautiful, brilliant and downright bonkers lamps we love this month. Some of these lamps would look amazing with Plumen bulbs, some do look amazing with Plumen bulbs, and some are just wonderful feats of lighting innovation and beauty. Here’s our latest roundup of all the lamps we love…
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Ruche 3D printed shades

Introducing Ruche, our made-to-order shade that uses 3D printing tech to push the boundaries of traditional fabrication techniques, while also significantly reducing the energy required to get from production to your front door.
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LED v Incandescent
What’s the oldest tech you own? A vintage polaroid camera? An antique record player?  Probably not. Look around your house and take a look at your lightbulbs. If they’re incandescents (with wire tungsten filaments), they’re most likely the oldest tech you own – because they were invented in 1904.

Despite the fact they’re banned in many countries¹, incandescent bulbs (AKA squirrel cage, Edison style) are still EVERYWHERE. Thankfully different lighting technologies have moved on since 1904 – LED technology has been constantly evolving since it’s launch in the 50’s. One big advance was the release of filament LEDs, which means we’re now able to mimic the ever-popular vintage look of incandescent bulbs.

So really, what’s the difference between LED and Incandescent bulbs? Here are some compelling facts that will inspire you to make #TheBigLightSwitch by the time you reach the end of the page.
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A contemporary chandelier is a fantastic way to add a sense of drama to a space whilst creating a beautiful atmosphere. It can transform a dining table or breakfast bar, and add glamour to hallways and bedrooms. And in bars, restaurants, coffee shops and hotels they create high impact design statements to take centre stage. Read More

For a wealthier, healthier and happier life, use less stuff, space and energy, says Graham Hill, the brains behind the progressive design firm, LifeEdited and environmental news-site, Tree Hugger.

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10 Creative ideas to style your ceiling lights

Looking to spruce your lighting game up? One word for you. Pendants. With a little inspiration, they’re a fantastic way to make your lights standout in a room. Here are our 10 creative ideas to style your ceiling lightsRead More