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Quercus – Love a lamp that loves

Say hello to Quercus, the innovative, new recycled and recyclable lamp – a shining example of how waste can always be more than just waste. We met up with Max Ashford, the designer behind Quercus and its parent company, greeb, to understand more about his new design…

5 Interior trends here to stay in 2018

2017 had its moments but there are some things we’re glad are sticking around in 2018.  To kick start this year’s interior design inspiration, here’s our pick of interior trends that are rolling into 2018.

Highlights of the year 2017

It’s been a busy year at Plumen. Our bulbs have continued to capture the imagination of people across the world, using the latest technology to create lighting that is not only beautiful, but sustainable. We’ve curated just a few of our highlights of the year as we look forward to 2018.

8 sustainable gift ideas that won’t add to landfill

Anyone who has watched Blue Planet will be hard pushed to justify buying tat this Christmas, yet tat is what we buy. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE Christmas. And we LOVE presents. But we think it can be done better. So here’s some Plumen inspiration for gifts with a bigger purpose.  

Pantone pendants launched in 6 colours

We’re honoured to announce our partnership with e3light and the world’s leading connoisseurs of colour, Pantone. We’ve launched six Pantone pendants, designed to fit our WattNott bulbs, available from Pantone’s collaborations in the product world reinforce their colour defining credentials, while always cementing their position in the heartlands of great design, and the Pantone

8 ways to brighten a child’s room

Whether you’re redesigning the whole room or just looking to add a feature or two, choosing the perfect light to brighten a child’s room can have a huge impact. Here are some of our favorite lights for little ones…

Lamps we love – October Pinterest Picks

The beautiful, brilliant and downright bonkers lamps we love this month. Some of these lamps would look amazing with Plumen bulbs, some do look amazing with Plumen bulbs, and some are just wonderful feats of lighting innovation and beauty. Here’s our latest roundup of all the lamps we love…

Plumen light up 3D printing technology

Introducing Ruche, our made-to-order shade that uses 3D printing tech to push the boundaries of traditional fabrication techniques, while also significantly reducing the energy required to get from production to your front door.

What’s the difference between Incandescent and LED lighting?

What’s the oldest tech you own? A vintage polaroid camera? An antique record player?  Probably not. Look around your house and take a look at your lightbulbs. If they’re incandescents (with wire tungsten filaments), they’re most likely the oldest tech you own – because they were invented in 1904. Despite the fact they’re banned in many

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