Contemporary Lighting

Contemporary lighting inspirations

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In its broader sense, ‘contemporary’ means the whole range of styles that are around today but, to narrow it down a little, we’re talking about styles that are rooted in the present with no nod to any past era, and that includes the 20th century. The materials and colour palette can be as diverse as you like but often include polished wood, metal and glass in neutral, sophisticated colours and simple, often abstract forms. It’s an easy style to create and live with and can span a range of interiors from formal hotel chic to relaxed and informal family homes.

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Contemporary lighting by Plumen

Contemporary lighting should be sleek and stylish, all of the materials in the Plumen palette can work in a contemporary lighting scheme but the chrome and copper finishes work particularly well – as well, of course, as classic white. Contemporary light bulbs help to give the perfect finishing touch to any design and any of ours will, of course, look great but the Original Plumen 002 has a particularly strong look for contemporary lighting schemes. Contemporary lamp shades should be simple and sculptural – there are many stunning examples in amongst our Curated Items, designed by some of the world’s most innovative designers. Choose from the cloud-like ‘Skipper’, made from intricate ribbons of ash, oak or walnut, or the innovative 3D printed Kayan contemporary light shade.
Consider how your lighting is used within a room, bring it down low to give it the wow factor or hang a cluster of lights at variable heights, make flex a feature with our vast palette of shades and ensure ceiling roses and other fixtures echo the look of the lighting for a cohesive and polished finish.


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