Metallics have been a style mainstay since the millennium – remember that epoch-defining Gold Vogue cover? What started in fashion, with silver and gold finishes, quickly made the leap to interiors where a switch to more useable metals, like brass and copper, was an obvious development.


Plumen Lighting Accessory Range.


When it comes to copper lamp shades and copper pendant lighting, the story goes further back. This uniquely-hued metal has been used as a practical lighting material since the dawn of electric lighting, commonly seen in industrial lighting for factories and workshops as well as practical lighting in residentialkitchens, laundries and utilities. This metal found a new role as a fashionable material during the Art Nouveau period, when it represented understated luxury and high glamour as well as a new femininity. It again found favour in the post war period as an accent material for the brave new lighting designs of the Fifties and Sixties, particularly copper pendant lights. In recent years, designer copper lampshades have become a strong style statement, adding an understated luxury to any room scheme.




Now designer copper lampshades and pendant lighting have become sought after pieces that give a room a sense of luxury and style. Metallics like this and brass are to some degree interchangeable but there are subtle differences in the effects of each which will make all the difference to any room.




Copper complements a wide range of looks, including earlier period properties, especially Georgian style. It also works well in any functional period rooms – copper lamp shades look wonderful in the kitchen and laundry. It’s also a metalthat can be beautiful in a contemporary setting where its effect is soft, sleek and timeless so it is well worth considering copper lamp shades for the living room too. It can work with a masculine industrial vibe but shines in a feminine room scheme too – perhaps because of its essentially pinkish hue, for example when used in a boudoir-esquebedroom. As a general rule it’s best not to mix metallics as they don’t sit well together. It looks particularly good when used with white, dark woods, greys and neutrals as well as pastel shades and blues.




Plumen include copper among their carefully curated palette of materials, such as this serenely simple Drop Cap Pendant, with versatile good looks that can create a contrast or complement a wide variety of interiors looks.