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Following an oversubscribed crowdfunding round in 2016, Plumen is raising again to capitalise on the success of the 003 and rapidly growing demand in the USA. Contact us to find out more.

Message from the founders

A little inspiration can take you a long way.

Back in 2007, Plumen was just an idea. We didn’t plan to start a company, we just wanted to encourage the light bulb industry to be more creative. We simply made a prototype, a basic website and a press release and put it live. We weren’t sure what people would think.

It turned out they loved it. Suddenly, people were positive about low energy light bulbs and were telling us to start making them even though we’d never sold a light bulb in our lives. We set out to inspire others, in the end it was others who inspired us.

Of course, the light bulb is the symbol for inspiration. In particular, the symbol is the Edison light bulb – a product that’s perfect in almost every way; affordable, creates great light and is magical to look at. Edison is a tough act to follow but we knew, if we were going to inspire people to switch to energy efficient technology, it was the standard we had to aim for.

Several years, many countries and half a million products later, Plumen is a proper light bulb company. Now, as technology shifts again, it’s time to make inspirational LED bulbs.

The last year has been our most defining to date – we launched the award-winning Plumen 003, entered huge new markets with the WattNott brand, recruited a new management team and grew web and trade sales by over 50%. Next year is set to be bigger still and we are raising investment to capitalise on the opportunities we’ve had since 2016 – most importantly, the USA, which already accounts for 18% of sales without any agent or distributor in place.

This is your chance to own a piece of Plumen and to help us pick up where Edison left off.

Join Us.

Michael-George, Nik & Ronnie

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If you share our vision for the future of lighting, believe in the need for a more energy efficient world and are interested in investing then click below, let us know your contact details and then Michael-George will be in touch with our introduction prospectus and further information.

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The Founders

Michael-George Hemus


Nicolas Roope

Co-founder and Creative Director

Ronnie Renton


Meet the Team

James Plowright

Head of Sales

Buster Palmano

Technical Director

alt texr

Giorgia Ferri

Logistics & Customer Service Manager

Ciara Renton

Sales Manager

William Latter

Key Account Manager

Nishie Jong

Financial Controller

Ross Bannatyne

Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Manager

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Our goal is simple – to inspire people all over the world to be energy efficient. Most people want to do their bit and use less energy from cleaner sources, they’re just not sure how. Government legislation is not the best answer because no-one likes to be forced to do anything. It’s up to manufacturers to lead the way by offering compelling products that are better than the old, inefficient technology. Tesla have proved this with cars. We aim to prove it with light bulbs.

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