Kitchen Lighting Ideas

The kitchen is now firmly at the heart of the home and needs to fulfil lots of different functions in our busy lives; including cooking, eating, living, entertaining, working and playing.
It has to cope with all the rigors of life and still shine as the stunning centrepiece of the home when friends come over. Here, more than anywhere else in the house, versatility is essential.

Kitchen lighting installations should be considered in the early stages of kitchen planning – as electrics will need to be fitted at the very start of the project.

First of all, cover the practicalities and opt for good task lighting to ensure that your worktops, hob and sink are lit from above, so that your food preparation areas are always bright and you are never working in shadow. Kitchen tables should also be well lit for everyday meals and any other tasks that are performed there – such as homework.

Once the basics of task lighting have been covered you’ll also need some lighting to create an ambient mood for dining and socialising – this is where coloured shades and dimmable bulbs are an advantage. On top of all this is worth adding a statement lighting to create the wow factor – like a sculptural cluster of bulbs – something special that will set your kitchen apart from the crowd.


Plumen Designer Bulbs - Kitchen Inspirations


Here, Original Plumen 001 bulbs are teamed with Drop Cap pendants in bold red to make a strong statement that allows the simple beauty of these designer light bulbs to be the star of the show. Hung low over the kitchen work-surface they get the attention they deserve but also provide vital task-lighting for food preparation – and finding inspiration amongst your cookbooks.


Kitchen refurbishment finished with 3 Plumen designer light bulbs


In an ideal world, kitchen lighting installations should be carefully considered at the start of any renovation project, when lighting ideas and details like switches and sockets should be planned in detail. But in real life that isn’t always possible. The stunning beauty of Plumen’s designer light bulbs mean that all you need is a simple ceiling hook and some complementary-coloured flex to easily devise an attractive and efficient kitchen lighting scheme – even if you just want to jazz up an existing kitchen.


In a kitchen-diner careful attention should be paid to the table area.



Here the lighting can be softer and more atmospheric to zone the room and create a contrast with the cooking area. Here, a trio of Drop Top Shades in warming amber create the perfect ambient atmosphere for lazy lunches.