Modern Lighting Inspirations

The roots of Modern Lighting

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Modern (or Modernist) style began as a look that sought to break from the past. Its roots were forged in the Industrial Revolution and grew to become the avant-garde style of Twenties and Thirties Europe before becoming the prevailing look in the post-war optimism of the 50s and 60s. Modernism is all about reducing the look down to its simplest elements, with an absence of unnecessary ornament or detail. The mantra of modern style is ‘form follows function’. Key materials include concrete, steel, glass and whitewashed walls.


Modern Lighting by Plumen

Modern lighting should be simple and utilitarian, stylish but with no frills. Our range of Drop Top Shades with their plain good looks and pared-back palette of finishes represent the ultimate in cool modern lamp shades, as do the Decode designs in our Curated Items. All of the colours and materials in our range sit well with modern lighting ideas but brass and black finishes and amber glass are perhaps most typical of this style.
The Plumen Original 001 bulb is the perfect modern bulb, nailing that mix of form and function and gives a nod to the visible, swirling filaments of early light bulbs.

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