Low energy light bulbs contain small traces of mercury and need to be properly recycled – so don’t throw any of our bulbs in the bin!

If your Plumen light bulb has come to the end of its life then either send it back to us (addressed to: Recycle Me, Plumen, Sustainable Bankside, 105 Sumner Street, London, SE1 9HZ, UK) or follow the instructions below.


All over the UK there are recycling points specially for low energy light bulbs. You can find the one closest to you here.


Each country has its own recycling schemes especially for low energy light bulb – the best thing to do is contact the government department dealing with the environment in your country and ask them where you should recycle your Plumen.

For more information please go to this site:

Rest of the World

As in Europe, each country has its own recycling schemes so please contact your government environment agency to ask how to recycle your bulb. Alternatively, take the Plumen back to the shop you bought it from.

If neither option is possible, please send it back to us at the above address.